Sky Chasers: The Women of Keysight


As part of our Sky Chasers campaign, where we shine a light on the women of the the GNSS industry for Women’s History Month, we are taking the opportunity to shine a light on a very special group of women at Keysight, an Orolia Strategic Partner.

“It has been a fantastic experience working with the many smart and talented women at Keysight. Special thanks for your leadership and commitment to our joint relationship. It has been a pleasure. I’ve learned from you all.”
Leisa Butler, Strategic Partnerships at Orolia
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Ana Rivera, Program Manager

We had a chance to sit down with Ana. She has been integral in defining the partnership and setting everything in motion. Thank you to Ana for allowing us to share your wisdom and insight:

About being a Professional Woman at Keysight: “Being in this business, and in particular at Keysight, is an unique opportunity to be an active part in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that are transforming our world. I feel proud for it.”

A Message to Other Women in the industry: “It is key that we participate in this industry, as in many others, not only because it is where future is defined, but also because we can bring our own valuable perspective as women.”

In Closing: “Sometimes it is not easy to be a woman and balance everything we have on our shoulders: professional life, personal life, being a mother…And on many occasions we find people who put obstacles in our way, or even ourselves with a certain lack of confidence.

But, my experience tells me that we are strong and valuable, that our contribution is vital, and that together we can go farther.

It is worth fighting for our place in the world, to honor those who came before us, and to help those who will come after us.”

Sky Chasers Head Shots Rena Raj

Rena Raj, Product Manager

Rena Raj has worked as a Product Manager for Keysight for nearly eight years. We work closely on the LBS/RCAT – Location Based Services required in 5G Carrier Acceptance testing.

About being a Professional Woman at Keysight: “It is enjoyable being a woman in business -solving problems, interacting with many people across the business, and constantly learning and using a variety of skills.”

A Message to Other Women in the industry: “There are times when women feel they are not good enough – I would like to tell them that they definitely are (good enough), and they should be confident in what they do.”

In Closing: “When I studied engineering there were very few women in my class. Now in Keysight, there are several women in my team, and it makes me feel more supported. There is no reason why women should not enter a technical industry. We are all capable, and our opinion matters.”

A Special Thank you to:

Maria Castillo, Product Manager
Flores Fernandez, Systems Architect
Beth Forrest, Supply Chain and Contracting
Yee-Ling Lee, Compliance Engineer
Sok-Fun Low, Procurement Specialist

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Leisa Butler
Leisa Butler

Leisa has a BA in Communications and Business and Master’s in Sports Management. Sports was her first love, but she was also intrigued by technology and has found the world of GNSS so interesting. GNSS is a necessary component of so many applications; from tracking animal migration patterns to launching rockets into space. The best part is the people and cultures she gets to meet and work with on a daily basis. It’s been a fun ride these past 14 years.