MEMS Gyroscopes

Safran designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade MEMS gyro sensors for demanding applications. We serve a global customer base in the Defense, Industrial, Aerospace and Commercial markets with ITAR-free solutions utilized in a wide range of applications. We offer our customers compact and cost effective solutions while maintaining high performance and accuracy requirements.


Optimized for Bias, Sensitivity, and Accuracy

Each axis is factory calibrated for bias, sensitivity and compensated for temperature effects to provide high-accuracy measurements. The unit runs off a single +5V supply and communicates via a RS422 interface. The use of a 32-bit RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer. ARM RISC – Advanced RISC Machine. See also ARM microcontroller provides flexibility in the configuration, like choice of output unit, sampling frequency, LP filter -3dB frequency and RS422 bit-rate and protocol parameters. For more advanced users, Safran MEMS gyroscopes may be put in Service Mode. In this mode all the configuration parameters can be temporarily or permanently changed by overwriting the current settings in the flash memory. Service Mode also provides the ability to perform single measurements, perform diagnostics and obtain a higher detail in the status byte.

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Cost Efficiency

Low cost, low power requirements, and compact design.


Built for demanding environments like Oil & Gas, Defense, and Space industries.


Extreme Durability:
Withstands up to 6,000g shock, suitable for rugged applications.


Unmatched Stability:
Over 20X better bias stability, even in high temperatures (150°C – 175°C).


Gun-Hard Performance:
Handles shocks up to 20,000g, ideal for intense applications.


Offers superior stability and precision compared to alternative solutions.


Quality Assurance:
100% of parts are rigorously tested over the full temperature and dynamic range.


Legacy of Trust:
Over 30 years of experience playing a pivotal role in powering modern technology.

MEMS Accelerometers

For Various Applications

In the Defense industry, where every move counts, Safran’s solutions provide the crucial data required for mission success. Meanwhile, in the Aerospace industry, our MEMS technology keeps aircrafts safe and efficient, making flight experiences smoother and more reliable.

Beyond critical applications, our technology is indispensable in the Industrial and Commercial sectors. Whether it’s ensuring precise orientation of heavy machinery in a factory or enhancing navigation systems in your smartphone, Safran’s MEMS sensors are utilized in various products and solutions across the world.