Code of Conduct


Olivier Andries

Companies today must go beyond their economic performance and customer satisfaction to succeed. They also need to embody the highest standards of corporate responsibility, integrity and ethics. For Safran this is of critical importance as our business puts us at the heart of environmental, safety and security issues for people, companies and countries.

At Safran we have recently published our Corporate social responsibility strategy, Engage for the Future, which is aligned with our corporate purpose. This strategy is based on four pillars: decarbonize aerospace, be an exemplary employer, embody responsible industry and demonstrate our commitment to society.

Strong ethics across the supply chain is an integral part of being a responsible company. It is the duty of each and every one of us to respect the highest ethical standards in everything we do. It is essential to the competitiveness and sustainability of our business as vigilance over trade compliance and anti-corruption is increasing every day.

In 2012, Safran was the first French listed company to be certified for its performance on the prevention of the international corruption risk. This demonstrates our highest ethical standards and the relevance of our trade compliance program.

We place high demands on ourselves, as well as on our business partners. Our strength, our pride, is to never accept any breach of our business integrity policy. Beyond our systematic compliance with the law, we should also take account of identified best practices.

The involvement of each and every one of us is the key to ensuring that Safran’s commitments are always fulfilled. We must keep ahead of the game, remain vigilant and constantly remind ourselves of our obligations through regular training. By maintaining our ethical standards at the highest level, we will stay true to our core values and contribute to the success of our Group. I attach great importance to us being exemplary in this field.

Due Diligence Workflow

Distributors (e.g. dealers, reseller, sales agents) often use Safran’s name and represent us on a particular market or territory.  As a result, it is important to ensure that we are not associating with distributors who’s actions could affect our reputation and/or expose us to legal sanctions.