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Inertial Measurement Units

Safran IMU Sensors

Safran manufactures inertial measurement units and sets a new standard for precision and performance by utilizing our proprietary inertial sensor technology. Our IMUs are engineered to excel in the Defense, Industrial, Aerospace, and Commercial sectors with the highest performing ITAR-free products commercially available.

What sets Safran apart is the exceptional performance, reliability, and high accuracy of our inertial measurement unit sensors. Our IMUs are designed to thrive in challenging environments, offering superior precision and robustness. With Safran’s IMU sensors, you can expect:

  • Unparalleled in-run bias stability (IRBS)
  • Compact and efficient form factors
  • Superior weight-to-performance ratios
  • Integrated auxiliary capabilities

Whether you’re navigating complex aerospace systems or embarking on industrial ventures, Safran’s inertial measurement units are engineered to enhance your success.

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