Inertial Navigation Systems

HRG-Based INS Inertial Reference Systems

An inertial navigation system (INS) is a high-tech navigator using motion and rotation sensors alongside a computer to figure out where something is, how it’s moving, and how fast. By using dead reckoning, the INS method for knowing positioning, it continuously calculates an object’s position and orientation based on its initial location. This allows users in airplanes, submarines, or even spacecrafts to guide and keep track of their location without signals such as GPS.

Safran Electronics & Defense designs and manufactures cutting-edge inertial reference systems and inertial navigation units (INUs). Our solutions are deployed in a multitude of environments for various applications, including armored vehicles, military helicopters, submarines, satellites, and space launchers. Whether supporting combat operations, transportation, training exercises, maritime patrols, advanced warning systems, or other critical functions, Safran’s inertial guidance systems deliver unparalleled precision and reliability.

Safran addresses various industry needs:

Land Positioning, Pointing & Targeting

Naval Navigation

Airborne Navigation

Space Navigation



  • Safran introduces NAVKITE, a new resilient PNT system developed with French navy commandos

    At the SOFINS 2023 Special Forces seminar and exhibition, Safran Electronics & Defense is introducing its new resilient PNT (position, navigation, timing) system, dubbed NAVKITE, to meet operational requirements for the French Navy Commandos (part of Special Operations Command).

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