MEMS Accelerometers

25-Year MEMS Development and Production Expertise

Safran designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade MEMS acceleration sensors and mems inclinometers for demanding applications in the Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, and Commercial markets. Safran’s journey as a global leader in MEMS technology spans decades. Our extensive experience has not only honed our expertise but also enabled us to develop ITAR-free solutions. This means our MEMS technology is readily available for a wide range of applications, without the constraints of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).



+/- Full Scale [g]

Frequency Response -3dB min [Hz]

Noise in Band [μg/√Hz]


Temperature Coefficient [mg/°C]

Initial Residual Modeling Error [mg]

Long Term Repeatability [mg]

In-run Bias Stability [μg]

Scale Factor

Nominal [mV/g]

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operational Temperature [°C]

Storage Temperature [°C]