MEMS Accelerometers

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Safran designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade MEMS accelerometers, inclinometers, and sensors for demanding applications in the Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, and Commercial markets. Decades of experience as a global leader with ITAR-free micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) solutions utilized in a wide range of applications.

Why Safran MEMS Accelerometers?

  • Low cost, low power requirements, and small footprint
  • Built to withstand harsh environments and markets, including Oil, Gas, Defense, and Space markets
  • More robust products up to 6,000g shock
  • More than 20X better bias stability and can handle high temperatures between 150°C – 175°C
  • Gun-hard applications with shock over 20,000g
  • Technology offers more stability and precision than any other capacitive technology
  • 100% of parts tested over full temperature and dynamic range
  • Over 30 years of trust and experience

Use Cases

  • UAV & ROV Autopilot

    Any sensor fixed to either UAV or ROV systems must be light and small and must have a low power consumption. In addition, high shocks resistance is a key element to keep the integrity of the IMU in case of crash. In terms of accuracy, the IMUs integrated on professional drones, should deliver accuracies corresponding to the Inertial Tactical Grade. Accelerometers of the Inertial Tactical Grade will have bias repeatability performances of around 1 mg.

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  • Test & Measurement

    Test and measurement applications are spread out in various sectors – automotive, railways, defense and aerospace. Safran’s MEMS vibration sensor SI1000 is designed for test and measurement applications.

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  • North Finding

    North finding is critical for tactical navigation and target orientation localization. It is used either in fixed static observation systems or in hand-held portable devices. MS1000 implements an innovative microelectromechanical design and electronics which unleash unbeatable performances with regard to the long term bias and scale factor repeatability, in-run bias and vibration rectification error (VRE).

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  • Inertial Navigation System Accelerometer

    A key challenge for navigation systems is making them smaller, less expensive and more robust while preserving high-end performances grade. The innovative MS1000 accelerometer responds to tactical grade performance requirements due to the excellent bias and scale factor performances.

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  • Dynamic GPS Tracking Systems

    The Tactical Grade MS1000 is the Inertial MEMS accelerometer specially designed for GPS-aided system guidance or system guidance during a short time GPS outage.

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  • Wind Turbines

    Wind power is a sustainable power source that exploded a few decades ago. Permanent monitoring helps to avoid any unscheduled malfunction, as a lack of maintenance could cause a turbine shut down, destruction or an interruption in power production. VS1000 is a high end capacitive MEMS accelerometer, specially designed for vibration measurements from DC to medium frequencies.

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  • Precise Train Positioning

    Reporting the position of every train is an extremely important task, and leads to a number of advantages.

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  • Bogie Monitoring System

    Track irregularities are the main causes of the vibration of high-speed trains and thus should be carefully monitored to maintain the ride quality of the trains.

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  • Tilting Systems

    High speed train tilt control systems are aimed to increase the operational speed of the trains on curving rail lines.

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  • Active Suspension System

    An active, computer-monitored, suspension system relies heavily on accurate readings provided by highly accurate accelerometers. This is where Safran MEMS accelerometers are applied.

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  • AHRS MEMS Accelerometer

    Safran Colibrys MS1000 MEMS accelerometer is designed for inertial application such as AHRS.

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  • Missile Flight Control

    Not only do the accelerometers used in these systems have to perform after the initial shock, but they also have to perform after impact, allowing the weapon to self-destruct or render itself inert to prevent civilian casualties if the target hasn’t been eliminated.

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  • Precise Drilling

    MEMS sensors challenge the well-established electromechanical devices and quartz type accelerometers thanks to their accuracy, robustness, lower power consumption, smaller size and a more competitive price.

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  • Safran MEMS Accelerometers Ensuring Safer Railways

    Safran has emerged as a leader in the development of cutting-edge accelerometers for railway applications

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