Critical Infrastructure

At Safran, we have a proven track record of delivering the right products, solutions and support to the critical infrastructure and test systems of the world’s largest companies. From precision timing and synchronization, to advanced GNSS and PNT simulation, to testing and measurement, Safran is your trusted partner for networks and systems that are too big, or too critical, to fail. With Safran, you’ll meet your project goals with confidence.

Use Cases

  • Timing and Synchronization in Process Control

    In the process control industry, precise timing and synchronization are critical for maintaining the efficiency and safety of operations.

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  • High Accuracy Timing for Managed Service Providers

    Improve monitoring capability, including accuracy and precision within their infrastructures and democratize high resolution time-based services to their client communities.

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  • High Accuracy Timing for Exchanges

    Improve accuracy and precision to and within their matching networks, provide better transparency to exchange participants, high resolution timestamping for network latency monitoring and the ability to monetize time distribution as a service to market participants

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  • High Accuracy Timing For Electronic Trading

    Problem We Solve Improve accuracy and precision within and between co-located trading locations, electronic trading decisions, data science, back testing and real time latency monitoring. Why it is Important How We Solve it The WR-Z16 is a standalone device with 16 SFP connectors which provides sub-nanosecond accuracy time over plug-and-play optical fiber links. The WR-Z16…

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  • Cost-Effective GNSS Receiver Testing & Simulation

    Simulation is an ideal way to test the proper operation of devices, systems and software that is reliant on Global Navigation Satellite Signals.

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  • Multi-Antenna GNSS Simulation for Automotive Applications

    Safran’s Skydel GPS/GNSS Simulators enable cost-effective, scalable multi-antenna testing for automotive applications.

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Case Studies

  • Long Distance White Rabbit High Accuracy time over fiber link

    The White Rabbit (WR) link covers an approximate distance of 1,350 km (840 miles) and was deployed in collaboration with Optiver US, a financial company, to connect Chicago and New Jersey trading locations.

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  • Deutsche Börse deploys White Rabbit solution

    The German exchange deployed White Rabbit to improve accuracy and precision for internal timestamping via FPGA based switches.

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  • White Rabbit for Finance

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  • White Rabbit Technologies to enhance 5G capabilities for Mobile Backbone

    White Rabbit Technologies to enhance 5G capabilities for Mobile Backbone.

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  • Safran’s GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Drives R&D Testing for Stellantis (formerly FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

    Discover how the flexible and scalable GSG-8 platform delivered a cost-effective and high-end precision GNSS testing to the automotive industry.

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  • Safran Serves as Global Supplier to Emerson for Critical Infrastructure Distributed Control Systems

    Safran has been working with Emerson since 2013, providing resilient timing and synchronization solutions for their plant automation systems. The Safran-Emerson relationship has expanded over the years, encompassing many business units and spanning multiple continents.

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  • Skydel 23.8 Has Dropped. Get it Now.

    In our third major release of the year, Safran has added more power, more features, and more functionality to Skydel, its flagship GNSS simulation engine.

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  • Indy Autonomous Challenge Team Sponsored by Safran Completes First Road Test in USA

    Auburn University secures its own autonomous vehicle testing track in partnership with Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.

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  • Safran to Supply Programmable White-Rabbit Node for the SKA Telescope

    Safran to supply UTC dissemination based on White-Rabbit nodes providing high accuracy timing for SKA, the world’s largest and most powerful distributed radio telescope. A milestone in space exploration, the SKA Telescope PPS Distribution System will consist of thousands of antennas and dishes spread across Australia and South Africa synchronized through White Rabbit.

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