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Skydel 23.8 Has Dropped. Get it Now.


In our third major release of the year, Safran has added more power, more features, and more functionality to Skydel, its flagship GNSS simulation engine.

Skydel 23.8 can now generate x1.5 more signals from a base configuration on a single workstation. Users can bring added realism to their scenarios and simulate all GNSS constellations (including legacy ones), multipath echoes, interference, and LEO signals – all at the same time. This improvement is in addition to the 4x improvement from earlier this year. You can now generate over 1,600 signals depending on your hardware configuration – with no impact on speed and stability.

Also, this release now supports the simulation of 63 satellites (SVs) in the GPS constellation. This continues Safran’s diligent approach to compliance with the GPS ICD and is well aligned with the constellation’s future deployments in the years to come.

In addition to these upgrades, Skydel has added user-requested Wavefront calibration features, improved Automation workflows, and added more API commands and structures.

Finally, this version of Skydel not only brings these improvements to Skydel users, but to all platforms based on the Skydel simulation engine, such as the GSG-7GSG-8, and Wavefront.

The upgrade is available at no additional cost for existing users operating Skydel 23.8 Application notes, support documents, and tutorials are available online.

Skydel 23.8 has dropped

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