# Use Cases

Multi-Antenna GNSS Simulation for Automotive Applications


Problem We Solve

When testing self-driving and driving assistance systems, GNSS simulators can generate a signal to represent the vehicle. But how those vehicles interact with other vehicles with different trajectories and speeds, handle scenarios like crash avoidance, and perform in GPS and GNSS-denied environments can make all the difference in the safety of the final product. There are also applications for single receiver, dual antenna configurations.

Why it is Important

Thorough test plans should account for as many scenarios as possible to ensure the safety of the end product. A GPS/GNSS simulator makes it possible to simulate the actual GPS signal required by the vehicle, and in cases described above, the ability to simulate multiple RF signals isn’t as easy as it might sound.

How We Solve it

  • Our Skydel Software running on a GSG-8 Simulator offers a multi-instance feature that most simulators on the market do not.
  • From a single master Skydel instance, several Skydel slave instances running on the same hardware, can be controlled, each one representing an independent trajectory, vehicle, or antenna.
  • Because they run on the same hardware, additional problems like time synchronization are solved for you.

multi-antenna gnss simulation using a master skydel instance

This provides the tester with unmatched levels of control, ease, and flexibility in simulating multiple RF signals without requiring the purchase of additional hardware. The aforementioned Skydel GSG-8 simulator supports up to four simultaneous instances: vehicles, trajectories, or independent signals from one device. If you need more instances, thanks to our COTS hardware-powered architecture, it’s as easy as adding more GPUs, making this the most scalable, cost-effective multi-antenna simulation solution in the world.

Why Choose Us?

  • Skydel is the most cost-effective solution for nearly any multi-antenna automotive simulation application.
  • Skydel is designed for the high iteration rate required to run real-time simulations of multiple vehicles in close proximity.
  • Our Real-Time Perfomance Measurement Tools enable you to interpret data, adjust scenarios, and reduce inefficiencies on-the-fly.
  • Because Skydel is powered by COTS hardware (GPUs and SDRs), it’s easy to scale a solution to your exact needs, adding no more or less than necessary.
  • Our automation features make repeating and iterating your tests easy, giving you more time to test, and more confidence in your live application.
  • Our client-side API supporting multiple languages enables customization to your needs.
  • Our community of experts, best-in-class documentation, and outstanding support team will be there every step of the way to support you with any questions or issues you run into. We won’t allow you to fail!
  • We are the automotive testing simulation solution of choice for some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

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