WROX option card for SecureSync time server

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Safran Electronics & Defense Introduces New WROX Card


The latest Option Card for SecureSync enhances Safran’s Navigation & Timing offerings by integrating White Rabbit capabilities, enabling ultra-precise network time distribution.

ROCHESTER, New York – May 1, 2024 – Safran Electronics & Defense announces WROX, a new option card for the SecureSync time server that incorporates White Rabbit technology and enables a new level of accuracy and precision in critical infrastructure synchronization.

The WROX Card stands out as a high-speed Ethernet Option Card boasting 1G and 10G capabilities. Equipped with four ports (Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus transceivers or SFP+), it integrates Network Time Protocol (NTP), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and White Rabbit features, ensuring flexible and exceptionally precise network time distribution down to the sub-nanosecond level with the highest build-in resiliency features.

As Critical Infrastructure operations evolve, the need for dependable and precise time distribution becomes paramount. Accurate timestamping of frequent events or transactions serves as a crucial facilitator for distributed processing systems, key for monitoring, security, and performance evaluation across various transaction-based operations. The quality of time and frequency synchronization significantly influences the reliability and efficiency of numerous commercial and governmental systems. Employing a combination of PTP/White Rabbit network time distribution alongside GNSS time proves to be an effective strategy for mitigating GNSS signal vulnerabilities, especially its susceptibility to interference.

Staying true to Safran’s SecureSync highly modular time server, the new WROX Option Cards introduces 10 Gb Ethernet interoperability for PTP and White Rabbit time distribution, while preserving the wide range of options available with SecureSync (oscillator, timing interface option cards, power supply). This first commercially available 10G Ethernet implementation for White Rabbit demonstrates continuous Safran leadership in this technology, and commitment to support performance and interoperability improvements in critical infrastructures.

WROX option card for SecureSync time server

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