# Use Cases

High Accuracy Timing For Electronic Trading


Problem We Solve

Improve accuracy and precision within and between co-located trading locations, electronic trading decisions, data science, back testing and real time latency monitoring.

Why it is Important

  • Better accuracy and precision between trading sites
  • Automatic failover between GNSS sources at geographically diverse sites
  • Simplification of existing PTP network designs with improved accuracy
  • Improved accuracy and precision for timestamping cards or switches
  • Removal of requirement for PPS coaxial cabling within timing infrastructure
  • Reduction in overall timing infrastructure

How We Solve it

The WR-Z16 is a standalone device with 16 SFP connectors which provides sub-nanosecond accuracy time over plug-and-play optical fiber links. The WR-Z16 provides very precise IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) in all its optical interfaces and supports NTP interoperability. Picosecond-level frequency distribution is available through a fully digital clock. The WR-Z16 incorporates failover mechanisms which combine multi-source redundancy and holdover capabilities to ensure continuous operation.

Why Choose Us

  • Multi-port synchronization fanout
  • 16 x WR, HATI, IEEE 1588 PTPv2 and NTP interoperability optical interfaces.
  • Multi-source time references
  • Failover mechanisms
  • Automatic switchover
  • Holdover
  • Time traceability for regulatory purposes
  • Extended monitoring and management tools (authentication, SNMP, security)
  • Redundant power supply and fans
  • Serial and Ethernet RJ45 ports

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