Navigation & Timing

Navigation and Timing is a portfolio of solutions and components from Safran Electronics and Defense subsidiaries, including time servers, GNSS simulators, atomic clocks, gyroscopes, and inertial navigation systems.

We offer our customers access to all the technology needed for resilient PNT data, with unparalleled support, and the brightest minds in the world working to hack the problems defense and critical infrastructure customers around the world face. When the integrity of your time and location data cannot be compromised, when the mission is critical, you can trust Navigation and Timing solutions from Safran to protect and ensure resilience.


Safran Electronics & Defense ensures the technological superiority and resilience of forces to preserve nations’ sovereignty. We meet their operational needs in terms of navigation and signal integrity on all platforms, on land, at sea and in the air. Our solutions support critical operations and ensure mission continuity, in extreme conditions and uncertain environments. High performance is not only a requirement, but a necessity: we made it our driving ambition.



  • Safran Trusted 4D

  • Safran Electronics & Defense

  • Safran Federal Systems

  • Safran Sensing Technologies

  • Syrlinks

Timing & Sync


  • Timing & Synchronization

  • GNSS Simulation

  • Atomic Clocks & Oscillators

  • Anti Jamming and Anti Spoofing Technology

  • MEMS Accelerometers

  • IMUs

  • MEMS Gyroscopes

  • Inertial Navigation Units