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High Accuracy Timing for Exchanges


Problem We Solve

Improve accuracy and precision to and within their matching networks, provide better transparency to exchange participants, high resolution timestamping for network latency monitoring and the ability to monetize time distribution as a service to market participants.

Why it is Important

Increased accuracy and precision for internal timestamping using cards or switches

  • Time synchronization resilience with automatic failover between GNSS sources at geographically diverse sites
  • Simplification of existing PTP network designs with improved accuracy
  • Removal of PPS coaxial cabling within timing infrastructure
  • The infrastructure to generate revenue driven time-based services such as data capture files or timing feeds to market participants

How We Solve it

The WR-Z16 is a standalone device with 16 SFP connectors which provides sub-nanosecond accuracy time over plug-and-play optical fiber links. The WR-Z16 provides very precise IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) in all its optical interfaces and supports NTP interoperability. Picosecond-level frequency distribution is available through a fully digital clock. The WR-Z16 incorporates failover mechanisms which combine multi-source redundancy and holdover capabilities to ensure continuous operation.

Why Choose Us

  • Multi-port synchronization fanout
  • 16 x WR, HATI, IEEE 1588 PTPv2 and NTP interoperability optical interfaces.
  • Multi-source time references
  • Failover mechanisms
  • Automatic switchover
  • Holdover
  • Time traceability for regulatory purposes
  • Extended monitoring and management tools (authentication, SNMP, security)
  • Redundant power supply and fans
  • Serial and Ethernet RJ45 ports

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