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Timing and Synchronization in Process Control


Problem We Solve

In the process control industry, precise timing and synchronization are critical for maintaining the efficiency and safety of operations. Processes like assembly lines, robotic automation, and data logging require exact time coordination to function effectively. Any discrepancy in timing can lead to operational inefficiencies, data inaccuracies, and in worst-case scenarios, safety hazards or system failures. This challenge is compounded in environments where traditional timekeeping methods are unreliable or in scenarios that demand extremely high precision.

Why It’s Important

Accurate timing is the backbone of process control systems. It ensures coordinated operations across various components, leading to higher productivity and reduced downtime. In environments where milliseconds can make a difference, such as in high-speed manufacturing or automated monitoring, the precision of time synchronization directly impacts the quality of output and the safety of operations. Furthermore, accurate time-stamping is essential for troubleshooting, maintenance, and compliance with regulatory standards.

How We Solve It

Safran’s SecureSync is a versatile and robust time and frequency reference system, time server, designed to meet the stringent requirements of the process control industry. It offers a blend of GPS/GNSS technology, precision oscillators, and network synchronization capabilities. SecureSync ensures that all elements within a process control system are synchronized to a unified, highly precise time standard. This synchronization is achieved through the distribution of a reliable time signal, derived from GPS/GNSS or internal atomic clocks, to all networked devices in the system. SecureSync’s ability to resist GPS/GNSS signal disruptions and its high stability in challenging environments make it an ideal solution for maintaining consistent timing accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting Safran’s SecureSync offers numerous advantages:

High Precision: SecureSync delivers extremely accurate timing, essential for the intricate demands of process control systems.

Resilience: It is engineered to be highly resistant to GPS/GNSS signal disruptions, ensuring reliable operation even in signal-compromised scenarios.

Versatility: SecureSync is adaptable to various industrial environments and is compatible with a wide range of process control systems and devices.

Proven Track Record: Safran has a history of delivering high-quality, reliable timing solutions across multiple industries, underscoring our expertise and reliability.

Dedicated Support: We offer comprehensive customer support and customization to align with specific operational needs and challenges in the process control industry.

By integrating Safran’s SecureSync, companies in the process control industry can significantly enhance the precision, reliability, and efficiency of their operations, leading to improved safety, productivity, and compliance with industry standards.