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1 hour 17 minutes
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Welcome to the Fundamentals Course for the Skydel Simulation Engine.

In the Skydel Fundamentals course, you’ll learn about:

  • GNSS concepts and technologies.
  • The Skydel engine, and how to run basic simulations.
  • The hardware and software requirements to run GNSS simulations, and the options you have to configure your system.
  • What types of settings you have control over to create simulations.

During this course, we encourage you to use the Skydel Forum to ask any questions you have. Get your question answered by a real person. It's a welcoming community for GNSS Simulation and learning new concepts. You can find other videos, application notes and resources for free.

Visit to ask your first simulation question!

It's also a way for you to reach out to other people taking the Skydel Certification Courses if you are stuck.