Skydel Fundamentals Course
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1 hour 17 minutes
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Welcome to the Skydel Fundamentals course.

In the Skydel Fundamentals course, you’ll learn about:

  • GNSS concepts and technologies.
  • The Skydel engine, and how to run basic simulations.
  • The hardware and software requirements to run GNSS simulations, and the options you have to configure your system.
  • What types of settings you have control over to create simulations.
  • Radio frequency (RF) output types and which ones to use for specific simulations.
  • A familiarity with how a software-defined simulation can help your testing process.

During this course, we encourage you to use the Skydel Forum to ask any questions you have. Get your question answered by a real person. It's a welcoming community for GNSS Simulation and learning new concepts. You can find other videos, application notes and resources for free.

Visit to ask your first simulation question!

It's also a way for you to reach out to other people taking the Skydel Certification Courses if you are stuck.