Training Resources

At Safran, we are committed to the success of all of our partners and customers. That is why we have designed various training modules for our products. We have a team of professionals available, at request, for different types of trainings that can design curated trainings for your team. We’re also flexible as to the format of these trainings: we can offer in-person, virtual, or hybrid sessions depending on need and availability.

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  • Product Introductions
    Product Introductions

    Modules designed to get you acquainted with what our products have to offer such as key features, general functionality, system requirements, and more.

  • How-To's

    Sessions catered to specific use cases to train your team on successfully navigating various scenarios from start to finish.

  • Testing Scenarios
    Testing Scenarios

    We can show your team how to create basic or advanced testing scenarios as well as how to test your equipment or use your equipment to test other systems.

  • Jamming, Spoofing, & Interference
    Jamming, Spoofing, & Interference

    Jamming, spoofing, and interference has the potential to cripple any number of systems. We have various capabilities designed around simulating these phenomena and/or protecting your system from their attacks.


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