Warranty Information

Timing & Simulation Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

Safran warrants each new standard product to be free from defects in material, and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period after shipment in most countries where these products are sold, EXCEPT AS NOTED BELOW (the “Warranty Exceptions”, “Warranty Exclusions” and “Country Variances”).

Five Year Limited Warranty

  • SecureSync 2400*
  • White Rabbit Z16, TP-FL, TP-32 BNC
  • Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System (SAS-E)

Three Year Limited Warranty

  • GSG-7
  • GSG-8

Two Year Limited Warranty

  • VersaSync Rugged Time Server
  • Rubidium Oscillators

One Year Limited Warranty

  • Skydel Simulation Engine
  • Timeview Analog Clock
  • White Rabbit LEN, WRS
  • Bus-level Timing Boards (TSync)
  • GPS antenna system components, cables, other accessories
  • High Energy Physics (HEP): LLRF, BPM, Timing system , non-standard prototypes

Warranty Exceptions

This warranty shall not apply if the product is used contrary to the instructions in its manual or is otherwise subjected to misuse, abnormal operations, accident, lightning or transient surge, or repairs or modifications not performed by Safran authorized personnel.

*All Rubidium oscillator’s have a two-year standard manufacturer’s warranty even when integrated into products with a greater warranty period. Rubidium Extended Warranties are available upon request.

Warranty Exclusions

Batteries, fuses, or other material contained in a product normally consumed in operation Shipping and handling, labor & service fees


Safran shall have no liability or responsibility to the original customer or any other party with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused directly or indirectly by an Safran product, material, or software sold or provided by Safran, replacement parts or units, or services provided, including but not limited to any interruption of service, excess charges resulting from malfunctions of hardware or software, loss of business or anticipatory profits resulting from the use or operation of the Safran product or software, whatsoever or howsoever caused. In no event shall Safran be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages whether the claims are grounded in contract, tort (including negligence), or strict liability.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended warranties can be purchased for additional periods beyond the standard warranty. Contact Safran no later than the last year of the manufacturer’s standard warranty for extended coverage.

Warranty Claims

Safran’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the cost of in-factory repair or replacement, at Safran’s option, of the defective product or the product’s defective component. Safran’s Warranty does not cover any costs for installation, reinstallation, removal or shipping and handling costs of any warranted product. If in Safran’s sole judgment, the defect is not covered by the Safran Limited Warranty, unless notified to the contrary in advance by customer, Safran will make the repairs or replace components and charge its then current price, which the customer agrees to pay.

In all cases, the customer is responsible for all shipping and handling expenses in returning product to Safran for repair or evaluation. Safran will pay for standard return shipment via common carrier. Expediting or special delivery fees will be the responsibility of the customer.

Warranty Procedure

Safran highly recommends that prior to returning equipment for service work, our technical support department be contacted to provide trouble shooting assistance while the equipment is still installed. If equipment is returned without first contacting the support department and “no problems are found” during the repair work, an evaluation fee may be charged.

Safran shall not have any warranty obligations if the procedure for warranty claims is not followed. Customer must notify Safran of a claim, with complete information regarding the claimed defect. A Return Authorization (RMA) Number issued by Safran is required for all returns. Returned products must be returned with a description of the claimed defect, the RMA number, and the name and contact information of the individual to be contacted if additional information is required by Safran. Products being returned on an RMA must be properly packaged with transportation charges prepaid.

Kannad ELT Warranty

The equipment is warranted against all material or manufacturing defect for a period of two years from the date of installation on the aircraft or thirty months from the date of shipment from Safran facilities whichever occur first.

This warranty covers the cost of parts and labour in our factories.

If your Kannad Aviation product is under PART 21, and develops a fault, you must obtain an RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) number before you return any items to us. Submit a support ticket here.

For all others services, please contact our Service Centers (Repair, Battery Replacement or Programming Center, depending of your enquiry). To find a Kannad Aviation Service Partner near you, click here.

Emergency Beacon (SARBE) Warranty Information


The equipment is warranted against all material or manufacturing defect for a period of two years from the date of shipment. Work carried out under the warranty shall not have the effect of extending the warranty period. In respect of this warranty, after a defect has been noted by our services, the sole obligation incumbent upon us shall be The repair of the equipment or the element identified as being defective by our services or possibly its replacement free of charge, to the exclusion of all compensation or damages. This warranty covers the cost of parts and labor in our factories. However, requests for work to be carried out on the client’s premises shall be paid for the cost of transportation of the equipment replaced or repaired are the purchaser’s exclusive responsibility. The risks shall be borne by the purchaser.


Defects and deterioration caused by natural wear of the product or by external accident (poor maintenance, abnormal conditions of use, etc.) or by modification of the equipment and tools not recommended nor specified by our company, are excluded from the warranty. Also the warranty shall not cover visible defects which the purchaser should have pointed out in accordance with the requirements of Safran Trusted 4D, General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

Atomic Clocks & Oscillators Warranty & Returns


The company warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The period of warranty is 2 years from date of shipment to the original purchaser. The company’s liability for any defect shall be limited to repair, replacement or credit of defective parts at the company’s discretion. The company assumes no liabilities if defects result from improper use, repairs not made by the company, negligence, accident or misapplication of the product. No other warranty is expressed or implied, and the company is not liable for any consequential damage. The company does not authorize any other person(s) to make any other warranty regarding its product(s).


For product returns, please complete a support ticket here. The information you submit through the form will allow us to quickly provide your request. After this ticket is completed and sent, you will receive a confirmation number you may refer to for any questions.

T4Science Products – Warranty Information

The following terms are applicable to the products iMaser3000 and PHM1008 (hereinafter “Product”) Warranty: T4S (“the Manufacturer”) warrants its Products to be free from material and manufacturing Defects for the applicable warranty period, understood as Defect any failure to meet the Product Manufacturer’s specifications. Scope of Warranty: Warranty applies to T4S Products purchased directly from T4S or through a T4S authorized distributor or reseller. Period: The period of warranty is two (2) years from the date of delivery of a Product. Services: T4S undertakes to remedy at its own expense any covered warranty Defect which may appear in the Products during the period stated above. In this case, T4S will at its own option, repair the Product:

  • On Customer’s site with its own resources or customer’s assistance
  • In T4S’s facilities

T4S’s warranty obligations for failure of hardware will cover the cost incurred for removal and replacement or repair, at T4S’s option. T4S’s warranty obligations for failure in software will cover the cost of correcting any Defect to the delivered software. T4S’s warranty will cover expenses incurred in connection with repair or replacement, such as and limited to : workmanship, parts, travel expenses, packing and transportation charges and to the exception of import taxes and duties. Access to equipment: Customer shall insure that T4S will have full and free access to the Product remotely during any service call and that the Product is accessible from the four (4) sides of it, in case of repair or manipulation. Exceptions: T4S’s warranty will not apply if Product’s Defects are resulting from:

  • Misuse, installation of improper supplies, operator-caused error, maintenance not performed in accordance with the equipment specifications or the User Manuals
  • Removal of the product from its location of initial installation and/or reinstallation without the prior approval and guidance of T4S
  • Remedial actions not made or approved in writing and validated by T4S
  • Modifications implemented by the client without the written approval of T4S
  • Physical or electrical stress exceeding the maximum operating or storage conditions indicated into the equipment specifications or User Manuals
  • Use of non T4S recommended consumables
  • Power supply interruption
  • Acts of God such as fire, flood, earthquake, animal deterioration, collapse, explosion, act of war, act of terrorism
  • Storage in unproper environment (understood as proper environment: refer to the User Manuals).
  • Unproper conditions of transport
  • Negligence or accident

T4S’s warranty also does not include:

  • Repairs to accessories, paint, or refinishing of the equipment or furnishing materials for this purpose, electrical work external to the Products or maintenance of accessories, alterations, attachments, or other devices not furnished originally
  • Repairs to other vendors’ equipment or accessories attached to or installed in a T4S equipment unless originally provided by T4S (with specific terms and conditions attached to these third parties equipment or accessories)

Support: When Defect or failure is found, it shall be reported by the Customer to T4S who shall be reachable at the following: Phone : +41 32 731 80 08 Email: fastsupport@t4science.ch Customer Support Team is reachable from Monday to Friday at Neuchâtel time 8H30-12H00 and 13H30-17H00. T4S will do their best to respond to the Customer within three (3) working days from the day of notification and start as soon as possible to analyze the problem encountered to propose a solution. Liability: In no event will T4S be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages or for any loss of business, opportunities, revenues, profits, savings, goodwill, reputation, customers, use, or data, or costs of procurement or business interruption in connection with repair or replacement. Other warranty: No other warranty is expressed or implied. T4S does not authorize any other person(s) to make any other warranty regarding its Products.