Airborne Operations

To fulfill their operational missions, military aircraft require technologies offering high performance and precision while being able to withstand extreme environmental conditions and stabilize systems such as optronics and armament. Based on its expertise in aeronautical solutions for many armed forces, Safran offers solutions adapted to such needs from navigation to mission preparation.

Learn More

  • An Engineer’s Guide to CRPA Testing

  • Testing GNSS Receiver Resiliency Against Spoofing Attacks

  • Beyond GPS: A Multilayered Approach to Addressing PNT Vulnerabilities

Use Cases

  • Precise Time Stamping, Inertial Navigation, and Waveform Synchronization for UAVs

  • High Accuracy Timing For Defense Applications

  • Multi-Antenna GNSS Simulation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

  • Aerospace Simulations with a Device Under Test

Case Studies

  • High Accuracy Timing for Radar

  • US Navy Chooses SecureSync to Meet Rugged Low Phase Noise Requirements for Missile Defense Radar

  • Synchronizing Military Operations with BroadSim


  • Latest Version of Safran’s Skydel GNSS Simulation Engine Can Generate More Signals Without Upgrading Hardware

  • Skydel Becomes First GNSS Simulator to Break High-Capacity Barrier

  • Safran to Host Defense Days Webinar Series