# Case Studies

Synchronizing Military Operations with BroadSim


An American space company that specializes in the design, manufacture and launch of small- and medium-class space and rocket systems for military customers needed to synchronize multiple simulators at once. One simulator would simulate the trajectory of an in-orbit space station and another would simulate the trajectory and docking plan to connect the in-orbit space station with an automated Earthlaunched cargo spacecraft.

Their goal: To simulate an actual space rendezvous with their in-orbit space station, which involved steering the incoming cargo spacecraft in real time.

They chose Orolia’s BroadSim based on its softwaredefined flexibility, ability to incorporate multiple antennas, and built-in encryption.

BroadSim became a critical part of their mission success.

BroadSim simplifies the creation of accurate space scenarios with high velocity, attitude, and large signal variations in mind. Powered by Orolia’s Skydel GNSS Simulation Engine, BroadSim can simulate multiple constellations at once. It supports the high dynamics needed for military testing and includes encrypted Y, M-AES, and future codes such as MNSA. BroadSim uses a custom Linux operating system for security and better performance. With high-performing hardware, a robust and innovative software engine and an intuitive user interface, BroadSim includes features that easily outperform the competition.

Orolia’s success in supporting this ultra-precise, critical customer mission has resulted in many repeat orders.

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