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Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing for Flight Simulation


Problem We Solve

Military aviation programs provide standard pilot training to ensure that they can handle fighters, drone swarms and other advanced threats. But as they run complex flight training scenarios and face off against live and virtual adversaries, what may be overlooked is the value of using GPS/GNSS simulation to duplicate actual cockpit instruments, rather than relying on facsimile instruments. 

Why it is Important

A GPS/GNSS simulator makes it possible to simulate the actual GPS signal required by the cockpit navigation instruments. This approach offers several advantages to the trainee as well as to the engineers developing the flight simulator. 

For the trainee, they are trained using the identical instruments as those in the actual airplane. Not only will the instruments look exactly the same, but the user experience will also be the same – providing the same feedback as a real-world experience. 

For the engineer developing the flight simulator, when creating a facsimile instrument, they must make a trade-off between development costs and the fidelity of the simulation. Any compromise can be detrimental to the training quality, which will inevitably impact the trainee’s readiness to handle a real-world situation. Using a GPS/GNSS simulator lets the engineer design more effective flight simulation programs without compromising quality. 

Using real navigation instruments may also reveal unexpected behavior from the instrument, which helps the pilot to be prepared for this possibility.

How We Solve it

  • Our Skydel Software running on a GSG-8 Simulator receives aircraft position and attitude information in real-time from a Flight Simulator.​
  • The GSG-8 Simulator outputs GNSS signal data to the aircraft.​
  • The aircraft cockpit displays realistic data, including live sky and interferences like jamming and spoofing, enabling the most accurate flight scenario test possible

Why Choose Us?

  • Skydel is designed for the high iteration rate required to run real-time simulations of fast moving applications.
  • Deterministic latency is minimal and accounted for with precise timestamps, meaning no jitter in your simulation.
  • Our Real-Time Perfomance Measurement Tools enable you to interpret data, adjust scenarios, and reduce inefficiencies on-the-fly.
  • Because Skydel is powered by COTS hardware (GPUs and SDRs), it’s easy to scale a solution to your exact needs, adding no more or less than necessary.
  • Our automation features make repeating and iterating your tests easy, giving you more time to test, and more confidence in your live application.
  • Our client-side API supporting multiple languages enables customization to your needs.
  • Our community of experts, best-in-class documentation, and outstanding support team will be there every step of the way to support you with any questions or issues you run into. We won’t allow you to fail!
  • We’re the flight simulation solution of choice for some of the largest military avionics companies in the world, where failure is not an option.

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