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High Accuracy Timing For Defense Applications


Problem We Solve

In order to successfully perform defense operations, missile defense radar and other distributed sensor systems need to exchange synchronized data with highly precise time & frequency. Staying aligned on precise time & frequency signals enables these systems to reliably carry out critical detection missions – where every nanosecond counts. Because multi static radar arrays and sensor systems are separated by long distances, they are susceptible to losing accurate data synchronization with each other. This can cause some parts of the radar systems to drift and produce unreliable data. There is also the issue of cabling, as distributed systems require long cables to stay connected which presents scalability issues.

One solution to sending accurate time & frequency signals throughout the system is to use the system’s existing network. Instead of needing to install a separate coax cable that would only transmit the time & frequency, solutions such as HATI & White Rabbit can distribute sub-nano second time on your system’s existing network hardware.

Why it is Important

C5ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems – whether operating on land, air, or sea – need ways to generate the proper synchronizing signals to the phase array antennas. They also need backup alternatives to ensure operation in case of a failover or any other timing errors.

Because C5ISR systems’ goal is to detect and track imminent threats in real time, the correct time and frequency synchronization of the equipment becomes crucial.

How We Solve it

If your sensor system already has routers and PTP cards with FPGAs, then you can simply install the HATI firmware. No additional hardware required.


HATI – High Accuracy Timing IP Core is a licensable firmware that provides distribution of time and frequency signals through standard optical fiber cables. This means that you can install HATI on any existing FPGA on a PTP card anywhere in your network and you will have a solution for distributing highly accurate time to the rest of the system.

Benefits of HATI:

  • Integrates with most existing FPGA designs.
  • Can also be used to transfer standard data such as UDP/TCP packets without affecting the quality of the network.
  • Distributes time up to 50 mile distance.
  • Maintains sub-nano second timing accuracy.

White Rabbit Z-Family

Alternatively, if you need dedicated hardware for time distribution, the White Rabbit Z-family is a relevant solution. Placed at the top of the rack the WR-Z16 can distribute standard PTP IEEE 1588-2008 for the last hop through its 16x fiber ports using the most common profiles such as Telecoms profiles (G.8265.1, G.8275.1) & Power profiles (IEEE C37.238-2011). It also provides NTP interoperability and 10MHz/PPS distribution. The WR-Z16 implements the White-Rabbit (WR) protocol, an high-accuracy extension of PTP based on SyncE, that allows to easily distribute sub-nanoseconds timing within Metro Area Network distances and beyond. Worth to mention, that a timing network using WR protocol is not affected by the traffic load nor the number of hops.

Why Choose Us

  • Easy Integration – You can install HATI onto any existing FPGA or PTP card that already exists in your network. No need to acquire additional hardware. HATI integrates directly into your existing network to provide highly accurate time & frequency.
  • Versatile – Compatible with either 1GB or 10GB ethernet links, without external hardware.
  • Rugged – Dynamic compensation of asymmetries caused by weather conditions.
  • Stunningly Accurate – Sub nano second resolution for timing synchronization, ideal for mission critical applications and radar defense applications.
  • Reliable – Can distribute time & frequency over long distances without the need of amplifiers or calibration.
  • Resiliency – incorporates a failover mechanism, only allowing switching over predetermined timing sources when a failure is detected.
  • Intuitive – web UI designed to provide an excellent user experience.
  • Advanced Management – extensive monitoring via SNMP including the combination of smart alerts with traps. By providing templates, it facilitates its integration within InfluxDB, Graphana and Zabbix tools. Moreover, it allows automatic topology discovery via LLDP and comprehensible remote logging through rsyslog.

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HATI IP CORE Safran 1024x842

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