Data Centers

Every year the number of connected devices grows. Expectations of performance from data service providers become more and more demanding. And, it turns out, adding more and more hardware to improve performance or capacity doesn’t scale infinitely. All of this adds up to significant challenges for data centers, enterprise networks, and e-commerce providers. To improve efficiency and performance, many data operators are turning to a solution ignored for years within the data community – time.

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  • The Crucial Role of Accurate and Traceable Time in Cybersecurity

    n the realm of cybersecurity, precision is paramount. Accuracy and traceability of time play a vital role in ensuring the security and integrity of digital systems and networks.

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  • The Value of Accurate Time and Synchronization for Data Operators

    Accurate time and synchronization play a pivotal role in the success of data operators managing distributed systems

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  • Unparalleled Efficiency at Scale with SecureSync in Data Operations 

    Safran SecureSync is a groundbreaking solution that transforms the way time synchronization is achieved in distributed data systems

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Use Cases

  • High Accuracy Timing For Defense Applications

    Get highly accurate time and frequency synchronization – ensuring continuity of mission-critical sensor, communication and radar systems.

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Case Studies

  • White Rabbit Technologies to enhance 5G capabilities for Mobile Backbone

    White Rabbit Technologies to enhance 5G capabilities for Mobile Backbone.

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  • Leading Datacenter Chooses SecureSync for Global Timing

    A leading enterprise datacenter and collocation provider for some of the world’s largest companies is in the process of performing a global timing rollout for their datacenters to provide high-precision Time as a Service (TaaS) for their clients.

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  • A Hierarchical Timing Topology Gets a Sporting Chance to Improve This Distributed Network

    A live sports broadcasting enterprise with multiple sites and a distributed network was getting its time references via internet time servers, including regional NIST and NTP pool servers … and it wasn’t working out.

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  • Safran Announces New Software Update for the SecureSync 2400

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  • Orolia Supports White Rabbit Technology Integration with Arista MetaWatch

    Leveraging Orolia’s HATI core with Arista MetaWatch, the integration provides sub-nanosecond timestamping with precise, reliable timing.

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  • Orolia Completes Acquisition of Seven Solutions

    Orolia announced today that it has closed the definitive agreement on schedule to acquire Seven Solutions.

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