# Case Studies

Leading Datacenter Chooses SecureSync for Global Timing



This customer, a leading enterprise datacenter and collocation provider for some of the world’s largest companies, is in the process of performing a global timing rollout for their datacenters to provide high-precision Time as a Service (TaaS) for their clients. They came to Safran in search of a timing platform equipped with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and 1PPS outputs to provide precise and stable time sync to their financial and Big Data customers.


The company chose Safran’s SecureSync® over the competition because SecureSync was well-known for its reliability, it had been rigorously vetted over many years and because Safran had a reputation for providing excellent service at a reasonable cost.

The company purchased multiple units in October 2020 and plans to add additional units in a Spring 2021 deployment. They will be able to take advantage of SecureSync’s new built-in jamming interference detection, which is now included at no additional charge.

SecureSync’s flexibility allows this company’s customers to choose between PTP and Network Time Protocol (NTP), enable automated provisioning of servers, and leverage their technical documentation center for various methods of cascading time.


Safran’s SecureSync is now providing a new source of revenue for the company. Stage one of their rollout has been extended to datacenters in the Asia-Pacific region, Germany and England. Stage two, which is coming in 2021, will cover parts of the US, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.

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