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Unleashing the Power of SecureSync®


Why This Case Study Is Relevant

It demonstrates the importance of cybersecurity and resilient timing for critical infrastructure.


A large U.S. power authority contacted Orolia wanted to replace twenty time servers and potentially serve as their new vendor. They needed precision time stamps with command line functionality to interface with their Tripwire change/control monitoring platform so that they could maintain NERC CIP compliance.

They conducted many months of validation testing to ensure that SecureSync® would work with Tripwire and would pass a Dept. of Energy Cyber Review. Key SecureSync features that they preferred include built-in security (RADIUS/TACACS+) at no additional cost, DISA approval and Orolia’s standard 5 year warranty.


They purchased 18 dual-powered Rubidium SecureSyncs. Upon deployment they enlisted the support of our PNT Consulting & Testing Services division to help them comply with the NERC CIP standard. Orolia helped them develop a list of SecureSync start-up default operations to provide a baseline to their control monitoring system and wrote a custom script to disable a few unnecessary functions.


This customer is now requesting additional SecureSyncs and considering adding Orolia’s anti-jamming and spoofing capabilities to their system. They are focused on the need to protect their system with advanced, resilient interference, detection and mitigation (IDM) capabilities due to the critical nature of their infrastructure. As the world leader in Resilient PNT, Orolia is committed to protecting power supplies and other critical infrastructure systems.

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