Positioning navigation and timing define the physics of our ability to explore space. From GNSS simulators to ensure mission safety to hermetically sealed gyroscopes on board to the atomic clocks orbiting the earth, Safran’s commitment to safer skies now extends to the heavens.

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  • Over-the-Air Testing: Advancing PNT Resilience

    For Safran, Jammertest 2023 was significant as Skydel facilitated the testing, simulation, and analysis of jamming and spoofing scenarios. Its advantage was its ability to create controlled, reproducible, and highly customizable RF (Radio Frequency) environments, enabling rigorous testing and evaluation of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) equipment and systems.

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Simulate Over 1,000 GNSS Signals

    This article explores the top 5 reasons why test engineers need to simulate more than 1,000 satellite signals. Simulating lots of signals allows engineers to replicate complex real-world scenarios accurately. It also ensures that the GPS receiver equipment they are testing is robust and achieves top performance.

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  • Enhancing Resilience: The Vital Role of GNSS Simulators in Testing of Autonomous Systems against Jamming

    To ensure the resilience of autonomous systems against jamming and spoofing attacks, the use of GNSS simulators is critical.

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Use Cases

  • GNSS Simulation for Space Launch Applications

    Safran’s Skydel software simulates the trajectory of space vehicles as they launch and travel into orbit.

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Case Studies

  • Rocket into Orbit with a GSG-8 Advanced GNSS Simulator

    A major commercial aerospace manufacturer needed to launch small cube satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), with small to medium sized payloads that supported Commercial Lunar Payload Services. Their goal was to simulate GNSS signals with their rockets, each of which had two antennas.

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  • GSG-8 Advanced Simulator Ensures Critical Space Mission Readiness

    An Orolia customer that provides solutions for national security missions needed two perfectly synchronized GPS simulators that could simulate two synchronized trajectories in space at the same time.

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  • Skydel 23.8 Has Dropped. Get it Now.

    In our third major release of the year, Safran has added more power, more features, and more functionality to Skydel, its flagship GNSS simulation engine.

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  • Latest Version of Safran’s Skydel GNSS Simulation Engine Can Generate More Signals Without Upgrading Hardware

    Safran Electronics & Defense announced today that the newest version of its Skydel software will bring some truly spectacular features to GNSS simulations, including the ability to generate four times the number of signals.

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  • Safran to Provide GNSS Simulation Solutions for Xona Space System

    Xona continues to make progress in developing PULSAR – a high-performance positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) service.

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