Safran’s Online Store for its Navigation & Timing Portfolio Gets Major Update


Safran just dropped the most significant update to the Navigation & Timing online store since its launch

As part of our continued focus on improving the customer experience through digital transformation, customer feedback mechanisms, and improving internal processes, we have launched a brand new version of our online store. Over the past few years, we have been experimenting and testing ideas for improving how our customers interact with us at every turn. These ideas have been and continue to be built into every step of the customer journey.

A new version of our online store has been launched as part of our focus on improving the customer experience through digital transformation, customer feedback mechanisms, and internal processes. During the past few years, we’ve experimented and tested ways to improve how our customers interact with us. We have incorporated these ideas into every step of the customer journey and will continue to do so.

New Features

Account Access – The upgraded platform allows you to store and access your information – such as your addresses, payment methods, and account details – all in one place.

Tax Exempt Request at Time of Purchase – Save time by providing your tax-exempt information at check out.

Use Your Shipping Carrier Information – For customers who have negotiated their own carrier rates, we have added the option to provide those details during checkout in order for them to be used when your order is fulfilled.

User Experience – Utilizing recommendations from our UX Team, we improved the style and behavior of the store mechanics (such as the buttons, shopping cart, and layout).

Optimized Backend Processes – We optimized our backend operations so that our internal staff can process orders more efficiently. As a result, we can deliver more orders in a shorter timeframe, thereby increasing our capacity.

One Unified Experience – The store is now built into our website so that you have everything in one place. You can easily reference online information such as our Support Hubs, Support Documents, and Resources sections.

Laying the Groundwork

To continue improving the store, we established a digital environment and operational mindset that encouraged experimentation and reconfigurability. This allows us to take advantage of all the innovative functionality we have implemented over the last few years, making future improvements much easier. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the most effective improvements.

Future Outlook

Every decision we make revolves around customer satisfaction. Our team will continue to innovate new integrations, options, and features. In addition, we will continue to expand our feedback and support mechanisms using data from our NPS surveys, Product Feedback Programs, and in-depth testing discussions.

Our Navigation & Timing portfolio is dedicated to helping you to observe, decide, and guide with Safran’s intelligence onboard. Learn more at

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