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Resilient Timing: Latest Requirements and Frameworks

New international regulatory initiatives have created growing demand to increase PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) security in critical infrastructure. 

Resilient PNT begins with resilient timing – the backbone of every resilient PNT architecture. Orolia’s flagship SecureSync® time servers offer several ways to address GPS/GNSS threats and conform to government recommendations.

What Is Resilient Timing? 

Resilient Timing is about acquiring and securing the timing reference and timescale-keeping. Although GPS/GNSS is a convenient and universal way to access UTC time, it is prone to interference that can either prevent reception (jamming) or compromise signal integrity (spoofing). Orolia’s approach is to provide a multi-layered defense, where each layer of protection provides additional safety, so that a successful attack becomes unlikely and its potential impact is minimized.

How Does SecureSync Detect Threats to GPS/GNSS Signals?

SecureSync now offers embedded interference detection to help you identify the presence of jamming and spoofing. It uses an algorithm that  assigns a score to any detected  GPS event. The higher the score, the higher the likeliness of interference occurring. Not only does this capability detect malicious threats, but it can also detect other error events such as leap second /rollover week issues, erroneous navigation messages or even clock errors. When a threat is detected, SecureSync automatically switches its time reference to a different time source, if available, or to its internal oscillator to maintain precise and accurate timing in every critical situation — thus maintaining the integrity and availability of PNT data.

What Else Is New in SecureSync?

Improved Security Capabilities. SecureSync is designed with a strong security mindset, which includes cybersecurity as well as GPS/GNSS security. Included cybersecurity features:

  • Account/access management
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Security event logs
  • Network features disabling
  • Secured firmware updates
  • Available VLAN support

Improved Modularity. Each application and industry has a different way of distributing timing information. SecureSync meets timing interface requirements from multiple applications thanks to its modularity, which allows you to add up to 6 option cards to the base unit. With a choice of more than 40 option cards, SecureSync lets you build a solution that is tailored to your specific application.

Improved Reliability. SecureSync enables multiple time reference management options as well as redundant time distribution architectures. Dual Hot Swappable Power Supply options are available to maximize availability. Any failure is identified and reported in real time.

Upgraded Flexibility and Scalability Capabilities. SecureSync grows with your applications. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports are available on the base unit to build various network synchronization architectures, as an NTP server or PTP master, as an NTP stratum 2 server, or as a PTP slave/boundary clock.

New network option cards provide additional dual and quad Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports, so that scaling up network timing distribution or adding redundancy is easy.

Actionable Monitoring. SecureSync includes multiple local and remote monitoring tools, including detailed event logs, real-time access to health and operation status, timing performance graphs, and alerts. It supports legacy protocols like SNMP and the REST API to easily integrate into existing monitoring systems. And you’ll love its new and improved web interface and OLED display.

SecureSync Platform: The Best Value for Protecting Critical Infrastructures

When you can’t afford to fail, trust SecureSync® to deliver accurate, precise and trusted time, along with industry-leading cybersecurity protection and the flexibility you need for a resilient timing architecture. Plus the industry’s best warranty – a full five years. To learn more, contact or request a quote.

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Emmanuel Sicsik-pare
Emmanuel Sicsik-pare

Emmanuel is the Strategic Product Manager at Orolia. He joined Orolia in 1999 with a strong military electronics background, where he had the chance to tackle a variety of applications ranging such as submarine navigation systems. Emmanuel was also instrumental in developing Orolia's new Kannad Ultima Line, which meets the latest requirements in commercial aviation. He holds a BS in Telecom Engineering from IMT Atlantique in France.