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Orolia Selected for FAA Air Traffic Control System Timing Technology


Nearly 200 SecureSync® Time Synchonization Servers for U.S. Enroute Radar Systems


FAA employs a variety of radar types for short-, medium- and long-range air traffic control requirements. Those different radars require different types of timing signals and outputs to suit their operations.

Orolia was selected by the FAA for this competitive program selected to support enroute radar systems across the U.S. based on its proven timing and synchronization technology and its ability to offer multiple output options as COTS products that do not require additional research and development time or investment.


SecureSync, Orolia’s Time and Synchronization Device, provides the necessary timing outputs and signals required for these radars. The timeserver’s outstanding ability to provide resilient, accurate and reliable timestamps for the data that it receives from radars is used to quickly organize the data for the aircraft control user interface.

Only SecureSync combines multi-GNSS signal synchronization, options for alternative signals and GNSS anti-jamming/spoofing protection for transportation systems.


“Orolia is proud to support the FAA’s radar data and aircraft control user interface requirements to improve air travel services nationwide. Consistently accurate timestamps and the synchronization of thousands of real-time flight data points are essential for safe and efficient enroute air traffic operations.”
Jean-Yves Courtois, CEO of Orolia

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