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Military Aviation Missions Rely on SecureSync


Ultra-Precise Timing & Synchronization for Large Network Infrastructure


A military aviation customer needed an ultra-precise, real time network timing and synchronization solution to maintain accurate system synchronization on a global basis. For use in deployable communications systems, this network solution would be used to support mission critical air, land and sea operations on a continuous basis, anywhere in the world.


The customer chose Safran’s SecureSync® network time server because it is currently deployed on many mission critical aviation networks. SecureSync also supports multiple military encrypted signals, offers a rugged milspec chassis and it is the only network time server backed by a full, five-year warranty.

This customized SecureSync system also included Safran Federal System’s BroadShield GPS jamming and spoofing detection software. With over 75 built-in algorithms, BroadShield rapidly identifies threats and raises an alarm to help protect military missions from the impacts of GPS compromised environments.


This military aviation customer can now deliver reliable, precise mission timing and synchronization for global communications and operations, coordinating diverse, complex actions among military bases in multiple locations. With SecureSync, they can better coordinate and help protect critical air freight missions and the deployment of armed forces worldwide.

Military Aviation Missoins Rely on SecureSync cover v2

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