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Time Synchronization: A Critical Part of a Security System

Security and access control systems are part of our daily lives. But we seldom give much thought to their complexity and all the individual components that comprise them.

One component that is crucial but often overlooked is a time server.

A time server is the common reference for all elements in a security or access control system. It synchronizes everything on the network and delivers Legally Traceable Time,™ which is critical for using video or data logs as evidence in a court of law.

A GNSS-based time server also eliminates the need to leave a port in the firewall open to the outside world just for time, thereby increasing security in critical applications.

Advantages of time synchronization

  • Improved cybersecurity
  • Legally traceable
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Added credibility for integrators

For more information, please contact a precision timing expert.

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