accurate time sync in distributed data systems

The Ideal Solution for Accurate Time Sync in Distributed Data Systems



Distributed data systems require accurate time synchronization for ensuring data integrity, consistency, and reliable operations. As data is processed and shared across multiple nodes, maintaining precise time sync becomes paramount to ensure data integrity, security, and more. This article highlights the importance of accurate time synchronization in distributed data systems and showcases Safran’s SecureSync time server as an ideal solution to meet these demands. 

The Importance of Accurate Time Sync in Distributed Data Systems 

Accurate time synchronization is vital for several reasons in distributed data systems. Let’s explore some of the most important ones: 

1. Data Consistency and Integrity

In distributed systems, multiple nodes often work on the same dataset simultaneously. Without accurate time synchronization, inconsistencies may arise when updating and accessing shared data. Time sync enables nodes to agree on the chronological order of events, ensuring data consistency and integrity across the system. 

2. Transaction Ordering

Distributed systems frequently deal with concurrent transactions that need to be ordered correctly. Accurate time synchronization helps establish a global order of transactions, ensuring that conflicting operations are resolved in a consistent manner. This allows for reliable and predictable outcomes in data processing and prevents anomalies, such as lost updates or incorrect data merges. 

3. Event Sequencing and Causal Relationships

Many distributed applications rely on the correct sequencing of events to maintain causal relationships. Accurate time sync enables the precise ordering of events across nodes, helping to establish causality and ensure that dependent operations are executed in the correct order. This is crucial for maintaining data consistency and guaranteeing the accuracy of computations and analytics. 

4. Security and Compliance

Accurate time synchronization is essential for security-related aspects, such as access control, auditing, and compliance requirements. It enables precise logging of events, accurate identification of time-based attacks, and compliance with regulations that mandate proper timestamping and record-keeping. Without accurate time sync, security vulnerabilities and compliance risks may arise. 

Safran SecureSync: The Ideal Solution for Accurate Time Sync

The Safran SecureSync time server offers an ideal solution for achieving accurate time synchronization in distributed data systems. Here is why it stands out: 

1. Precision and Reliability

SecureSync is built on advanced timing technologies that provide unparalleled precision and reliability. It leverages highly accurate internal clocks and synchronizes with various timing references, including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS and Galileo. This ensures that distributed nodes maintain consistent and precise time across the system. 

2. Redundancy and Fault Tolerance

SecureSync incorporates redundancy features to mitigate the impact of potential failures. It supports multiple timing references, enabling seamless failover between references in case of disruptions or signal degradation, and Rubidium-based Holdover to guarantee operation during adverse conditions. Redundancy ensures continuous time sync even in challenging environments, enhancing the system’s robustness and resilience. 

3. Scalability and Flexibility

SecureSync is designed to cater to the scalability needs of distributed data systems. It supports synchronization across many nodes, accommodating system expansions and evolving requirements. With its flexible architecture, SecureSync can adapt to various network topologies and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, making it highly versatile.

4. Compliance and Security

SecureSync aligns with industry-standard time synchronization protocols and supports secure communication protocols. It offers features like Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP), ensuring compatibility and compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, SecureSync incorporates security measures, such as RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP or HTTPS, to protect against unauthorized access and tampering, safeguarding critical time synchronization infrastructure. 


Accurate time synchronization is of utmost importance in distributed data systems to ensure data consistency, integrity, and reliable operations. Safran SecureSync emerges as an ideal solution, providing precision, reliability, redundancy, scalability, and compliance with industry standards. By implementing SecureSync, organizations can enhance the performance and security of their distributed data systems, enabling them to handle complex data processing and analysis tasks with confidence and accuracy. 

accurate time sync in distributed data systems

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