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Ultra Low Phase Noise (100MHz) OCXO For Embedded Systems, Aeronautics and Telecommunications


Problem We Solve

In the dynamic landscape of Aeronautics, Telecommunications, and Embedded Systems, maintaining precise timing is critical. Any deviation in frequency can lead to system malfunctions, communication errors, or synchronization issues. Traditional crystal oscillators often struggle to meet the stringent requirements of these industries, creating a demand for a reliable solution.

Why it is Important

A stable frequency output is the backbone of operational success in Aeronautics, Telecommunications, and Embedded Systems. Whether coordinating aviation systems, ensuring seamless data transmission, or orchestrating embedded devices, the importance of maintaining precise timing cannot be overstated. The EWOS100HP Crystal Oscillator addresses these challenges by offering unmatched accuracy and stability.

How We Solve it

Enter the EWOS100HP Crystal Oscillator, a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the specific needs of Aeronautics, Telecommunications, and Embedded Systems. This oscillator boasts cutting-edge technology, providing an exceptionally stable frequency output even in the most demanding environments. Its precision engineering ensures minimal frequency drift, making it the go-to choice for applications where timing precision is non-negotiable.

The EWOS100HP Crystal Oscillator achieves this through advanced crystal-cutting techniques and temperature compensation mechanisms. This results in a reliable and consistent frequency output, surpassing industry standards. Its compact design and low power consumption make it an ideal fit for space-constrained and energy-efficient applications.

EWOS100HP OCXO Crystal Oscillator

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EWOS100HP is a 100 MHz OCXO providing high spectral purity required in all high-quality frequency synthesizers. It provides a record low phase noise at -130 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset making it one of the most performing OCXO in this power consumption range. Very compact (8 cm3), high shock & vibration resistant, it is well adapted for RF embedded subsystems, aeronautics, telecomunication and military applications. EWOS100HP consumes less than 400mW and is specified up to 85┬░C operating temperature.

Why Choose Us

  • Choosing the EWOS100HP Crystal Oscillator means choosing uncompromised accuracy and reliability. Our product stands out for its:
    1. Precision: Unparalleled frequency accuracy ensures optimal performance in mission-critical applications.
    2. Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the EWOS100HP Crystal Oscillator ensures longevity and consistent operation.
    3. Versatility: Tailored for Aeronautics, Telecommunications, and Embedded Systems, our oscillator adapts to diverse operational requirements.
    4. Innovation: Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology that anticipates and addresses the evolving needs of your industry.

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EWOS100HP Low Res 1

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