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"Time, Time, Time: See What Resiliency Brings" — GPS World Cover Story


Rochester, New York, June 19, 2019 – Virtually every mobile technology is related to a data center and connected through GPS/GNSS signals, according to a new article written by Rohit Braggs, Orolia’s Chief Operating Officer, and featured on the June 2019 cover of GPS World. Data centers are responsible for storing, updating and retrieving the world’s data, and they must be protected from system failures, jamming, spoofing, interference, and denials of service.

GNSS signals are the quiet facilitators of many of our day-to-day tasks,” Braggs said. “When we discuss why it is important to protect these signals, we must understand the importance of Location and Time to imagine what could happen without the reliable positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) information that these signals provide.”

As examples, Braggs cited spoofing on a security camera or highway tolling system to hide criminal activity; stock market manipulation due to altered time stamps; wrong GPS directions given in a car; the widespread use of truck jammers; and the wrong location data received by a GPS-based military operation.

“All of these could wreak havoc when the GPS/GNSS signal is compromised,” Braggs said. See the full article here (Login required).

Also featured in the GPS World June issue: A second Orolia-contributed article, titled “Is Internet Time Good Enough?,” by Jeremy Onyan, Orolia’s director of time sensitive networks. This article, excerpted from a longer technical brief, discusses the pitfalls of relying on internet-based time and makes the case for using a time server such as Orolia’s SecureSync.® See the full article here.

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