Railways and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The backbone of transportation, our railways safety and reliability cannot be compromised. Safran accelerometers measure track vibration, ensuring their stability and integrity, while our GNSS simulators test resilience in the face of denied GNSS signals. As Intelligent Transportation Systems are evolving, Safran solutions are there to answer their constantly changing needs.

Use Cases

  • Test & Measurement

    Test and measurement applications are spread out in various sectors – automotive, railways, defense and aerospace. Safran’s MEMS vibration sensor SI1000 is designed for test and measurement applications.

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  • Precise Train Positioning

    Reporting the position of every train is an extremely important task, and leads to a number of advantages.

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  • Bogie Monitoring System

    Track irregularities are the main causes of the vibration of high-speed trains and thus should be carefully monitored to maintain the ride quality of the trains.

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  • Tilting Systems

    High speed train tilt control systems are aimed to increase the operational speed of the trains on curving rail lines.

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  • Active Suspension System

    An active, computer-monitored, suspension system relies heavily on accurate readings provided by highly accurate accelerometers. This is where Safran MEMS accelerometers are applied.

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