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Active Suspension System


Problem We Solve

High-speed trains are essential to reduce traveling distances between two points. However, higher speeds have their downsides, namely increased forces and accelerations, which have a negative effect on ride comfort. As conventional passive suspension systems fall short to address these needs, active suspension technologies can be implemented to maintain or improve ride comfort at increased vehicle speeds or under unfavorable track conditions.

Why it is Important

An active, computer-monitored, suspension system relies heavily on accurate readings provided by highly accurate accelerometers. This is where Safran MEMS accelerometers are applied.

How We Solve it

Safran MEMS accelerometers provide precise and stable vibration measurements even under harsh conditions, feeding this information into the control system for the active suspension and allowing it to adjust accordingly so that passengers benefit from an enhanced ride comfort. Using our sensors, the vibrations of the car body can be reduced by 66%.

Moreover, a MEMS accelerometer also increases the lifespan of the suspension system itself, as it provides valuable data that allow for the planning of maintenance and repair work, saving essential maintenance costs in the long run.

Safran VS1000 is the MEMS sensor adapted to measure vibrations from low to medium frequencies inside of train suspension systems. VS1000 offers a high performance stability with shock resistance, as well as an almost non-existant non-linearity (0.1% of full scale) and a very small noise in band (7 μg/√Hz for +/- 2g range, typ). Each product is fully tested and qualified with a measurement range: from ±2g to ±200g.

Why Choose Us

Safran vibration sensing MEMS accelerometers are defined by:

  • low power consumption
  • robustness to repetitive high shocks
  • accuracy of measurements

The electronic configuration provides a solid power on reset, ensures a full protection against brown-outs and embeds an overload detection and recovery after shocks. Vibration accelerometers have small from factor LCC20 packaging (8.9mm x 8.9mm) and are characterized by a large and flat frequency response from DC to medium frequencies. Measurement ranges vary from ±2g to ±200g.

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