Public Safety

When it comes to reliable, resilient timing for mission-critical PSAPs, trust NetClock® from Safran to validate 911 event records, improve response times and facilitate interoperability between networks, systems and improve inter-agency coordination. We’re the #1 choice for Legally Traceable Time®.

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  • Why Time Synchronization Is Critical for Improving Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

    When 911 dispatch and other recording systems employ synchronized time solutions, the improved data records deliver measurable life-saving differences in their communities and provide the potential for reduced insurance rates. This white paper discusses key benefits to implementing a Legally Traceable Time® architecture.

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  • What Time is it? It’s a Matter of Trust

    Those in the business of measuring time are familiar with the saying, “If you have one clock, you know what time it is. If you have two, well…”. Time synchronization is the ability for all clocks to have the same time. But what time is it? If your time synchronization deployment uses time from the internet, your organization may be at risk. Official time provided by a GPS-based network appliance is a time source that you can trust.

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Case Studies

  • Terrebonne Parish Gets in Sync with NetClock®

    Terrebonne Parish (Louisiana) relied on wall clocks to provide less-than accurate time. As a result, CAD reports were depicting fire apparatus arriving prior to the call being received. Police and deputies’ times were equally as skewed.

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  • In Catawba County, Timing is Everything

    The Catawba County (Newton, North Carolina) E911 Communications Center had a problem: The inability to synchronize its systems to determine what time an incident occurred.

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  • Legally Traceable Time® in Action

    The Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center, located in Henry County, Virginia, installed an Orolia NetClock® time server solution. During an investigation, there was some confusion as to the timeline of a homicide. The 911Center was able to testify with certainty about the times that its recorder showed that the 911 calls were placed.

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  • Safran Unites Its Advanced Expertise and Global Activities in PNT Technology Under Expanding Navigation & Timing Business

    Navigation & Timing integrates Safran’s positioning, navigation, and timing portfolio beside its high-tech optronics, avionics, electronics, and critical software solutions

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  • Safran Announces New Software Update for the SecureSync 2400

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  • Timing and Sync Leaders Orolia and Hoptroff Launch Partnership to Create Traceable Timing Solutions

    Hoptroff’s State-of-the-Art Traceable Time as a Service to Become an Option for Orolia’s Product Portfolio.

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