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Timing and Sync Leaders Orolia and Hoptroff Launch Partnership to Create Traceable Timing Solutions


Hoptroff’s State-of-the-Art Traceable Time as a Service to Become an Option for Orolia’s Product Portfolio

Webinar Scheduled Dec. 15

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Dec. 1, 2021 – Orolia, the world leader in resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions and timing solutions provider Hoptroff today announced a partnership to deliver a service combining Orolia’s industry-leading solutions with Hoptroff’s timing synchronization software. The collaboration will offer Hoptroff’s Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS) as an add-on to Orolia’s suite of products, providing precise and verifiable time to customers in Enterprise, Financial, Telecom, Utilities, Public Safety, and other markets where traceable time is critical.

Hoptroff’s TTaaS offers an additional level of security and precision to meet stringent regulatory and resilient infrastructure requirements by delivering accurate time over the network using a VPN connection over broadband or fiber networks. The bundled solution will simplify the challenge of getting accurate, traceable time in applications where GNSS access is not available or dependable. It can also serve as an accurate, reliable backup to GNSS to provide a high level of resiliency to timing systems being used in critical infrastructure.

“As industries evolve and computer applications become more complex and widely distributed it is essential that devices in a distributed process share the same accurate timescale to reconstruct digital events after the fact,” said Tim Richards, COO at Hoptroff “Network-based traceable timing, such as TTaaS, provides resilient back up to a GNSS installation in the case of signal disruption, monitors the quality of performance of time servers and keeps a record of this timing quality at a location of the customer’s choice. Our partnership with Orolia means businesses will now be able to back up and monitor physical time servers and virtual servers in the cloud, so they can be sure they share the same accurate timescale, and they have the records to prove it.”

“The partnership with Hoptroff aligns with Orolia’s resilient PNT strategy by providing a wireline solution to augment its space-based PNT solutions. This allows us to further simplify the challenge customers face when building a highly resilient timing solution,” said Jeremy Onyan, Orolia’s Director of Time Sensitive Networks. “By combining Orolia’s anti-jamming and spoofing solutions, high performance GNSS based timing products, alternative signals like STL, a local high-quality oscillator, and now a wireline based Traceable Time as a Service, we have one of the most robust portfolios of resilient PNT solutions in the market. And with the recent acquisition of Seven Solutions, we are well-positioned to extend our capabilities into high accuracy time distribution.”

Orolia recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire Seven Solutions (7S), a global innovator in White Rabbit sub-nanosecond time transfer and synchronization technology. “With the capability to distribute time with little to no accuracy loss, Orolia’s customers using Hoptroff’s Traceable Time as a Service or other time references such as GNSS can extend that time to other parts of their networks and create a high level of resiliency against potential outages,” Onyan added.

Webinar Scheduled

Orolia and Hoptroff will host a joint webinar to discuss the partnership and new resiliency options for customers on Dec. 15 at 12:00 p.m. EST. To register, please visit: https://safran-navigation-timing.com/event/traceable-time-package-launch/

About Hoptroff

An innovator in the timing industry, Hoptroff focuses on developing resilient network solutions. By incorporating a single time feed from GPS, GLONASS and Beidou, as well as from grandmaster clocks in London, New York and Japan, Hoptroff can deliver traceable UTC to any data center in the world. www.hoptroff.com


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