Guide to GNSS Simulation: Essential or Advanced?

Regular testing and simulation are essential to identify weaknesses, prevent system failure and ensure continuous operations.

About GNSS Testing and Simulation

The worst time to find out that you have a GNSS signal or PNT data problem is when your critical system has already been deployed in the field, in space or in a signal compromised environment. A well-designed testing methodology consists of the below steps:



Orolia’s GNSS Testing & Simulation Solutions

Orolia’s powerful, feature-rich solutions offer industry-leading value, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for any GNSS and PNT testing requirement, whether for essential testing or advanced CRPA testing.

Essential GNSS Simulation

Our GPS/GNSS satellite simulators combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any GNSS and PNT testing requirement.

Advanced GNSS Simulation

Leverage the advanced simulation features required for CRPA or system-level testing, along with COTS hardware configuration flexibility and cost effectiveness.


When would you need Essential or Advanced?


Unique Capabilities of Skydel Simulation Engine

  • Leverages modern technology to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Options to purchase full turn-key solutions or build system with COTS solutions
  • Modern GUI w/ advanced capabilities balanced with extreme ease of use
  • Single software platform with ability to support basic to advanced applications
  • Built in interference generation
  • Test with “All-in-View” satellites, which reduces cost and no requirement to purchase channels or satellites
  • Ability to directly connect, control and monitor the GNSS receiver or Device Under Test (DUT) through serial interface
  • Ability to do advanced spoofing/jamming w/o separate s/w or external devices
  • Point & click automation abilities to quickly build and export scripts
  • Ability to create custom signals and build advanced plug-ins
  • Run multiple instances of Skydel software simultaneously


Why Choose Orolia?

  • Full portfolio of Resilient PNT solutions w/ real world proven experience
  • Over 11 years of experience in building and supporting simulators
  • Modern and innovative approach to simulation
  • Built-in Interference, Jamming & Spoofing (no external device)
  • We don’t charge for satellites or channels on Skydel!
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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