Time is Critical to ESInet: Safran SecureSync Time Server Provides the Perfect Solution



In the age of digital communication, reliable and accurate timing is crucial for the efficient operation of Emergency Services IP Networks (ESInets). The synchronization of time-sensitive data across various emergency communication systems plays a pivotal role in ensuring rapid and effective emergency response. This article explores the significance of time in ESInets and highlights the Safran SecureSync time server as an ideal solution that addresses these critical requirements while also being NENA compliant.

The Importance of Time in ESInet

ESInets are designed to enable emergency services to handle emergency calls effectively by integrating diverse communication networks, devices, and applications. These networks facilitate the seamless transfer of data between emergency call centers, public safety answering points (PSAPs), first responders, and other emergency service providers.

Therefore, accurate and synchronized timing is vital for maintaining the integrity and reliability of ESInets. Here are a few reasons why time is critical in this context:

Call Routing

In emergency situations, where every second counts, the ability to swiftly and accurately route emergency calls to the appropriate PSAP is crucial. Accurate time synchronization ensures the call reaches the nearest available emergency call center, optimizing response times.

Event Correlation

Timely and accurate correlation of events across different systems and locations is essential for situational awareness and effective emergency management. Coordinated timekeeping ensures that data from various sources can be seamlessly integrated and analyzed in real-time, aiding emergency responders in making informed decisions.

Logging and Accountability

Precise time synchronization is essential for accurate logging of events and actions within ESInets. This data is critical for post-incident analysis, forensic investigations, and legal compliance. Accurate timestamps provide a clear chronological order of events, aiding in reconstructing the sequence of actions during an emergency.

The Safran SecureSync Solution

To address the critical timing requirements of ESInets, the Safran SecureSync stands out as an ideal GNSS / GPS time server solution. The Safran SecureSync is a highly reliable and robust timing and synchronization system designed specifically for mission-critical applications.

Precision Timing

The Safran SecureSync utilizes advanced timing technologies to ensure highly accurate timekeeping. It leverages various sources such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), PTP (Precision Time Protocol), and legacy timing references to provide precise time synchronization across the network.

Redundancy and Resilience

The system offers built-in redundancy and resilience to mitigate the risk of timing failures. It supports multiple timing references and redundant power supplies, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a primary reference failure or power disruption.

NENA Compliance

Safran SecureSync is compliant with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standards, which are essential for the effective operation of ESInets. This compliance ensures seamless integration with existing emergency communication systems and facilitates interoperability across various emergency response entities.

Security and Authentication

The Safran SecureSync prioritizes security, offering robust authentication mechanisms and secure communication protocols. It safeguards critical timing infrastructure against potential cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and availability of time synchronization services.


In the realm of ESInets, time is of the essence for efficient emergency response. Accurate and synchronized timekeeping enables call routing, event correlation, and data logging, all of which are critical for effective emergency management. To satisfy these requirements, the Safran SecureSync time server emerges as a perfect solution. It provides precision timing, redundancy, NENA compliance, and enhanced security.

By incorporating the Safran SecureSync into ESInets, emergency services can rely on a dependable and accurate timing solution that enhances their operational capabilities. This powerful synchronization system ensures that emergency calls reach the right responders promptly and enables effective coordination and management of emergency situations.

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