Setting a Timing Reference for Synchronizing GNSS Simulations


1. Hardware Connection

You need to connect 3 links from SecureSync to GSG8:

  • 1PPS signal
  • 10MHz signal
  • RS232 – NMEA GGA & RMC serial Time Code messages

For connections between units:

Use a USB to SUBD serial adaptor (for distributing NMEA GGA & RMC serial Time Code messages)


FTDI Chip US232R-100-BLK

Use BNC / MCX coaxial cables ( 2 cables for 1PPS and 10MHz signals)

2. SecureSync Side:

Set the ASCII output PORT (J1 port of a 1204-02 module for example):

Set both RMC and GGA as mentioned in the following example:

Offsets of 1PPS and RS232 signals can be adjusted if needed through GUI of SecureSync.

3. GSG8/Skydel Side:

Global Skydel Menu Setting:

Setting preference to get NMEA link:

Configuration setting:

Setting Time to your scenario:

Hardware setting:

Set the CDM5 Rear panel selector to EXT for taking in account the incoming 1PPS and 10MHz clock signals.

General cabling:

4. How to test if my synchronization is consistent?

In order to check synchronization result, please refer to our blog: Timing calibration of a GNSS receiver.