Accident Emergency Call Systems: What You Need to Know Now

Like Europe’s eCall directive, other countries or international organizations are translating their own interpretation of AECS (Accident Emergency Call Systems) and associated tests to get car systems certified in a specific country or region of the world.

The primary differences have to do with which GNSS Satellite constellation they have: GPS in USA, Galileo in Europe, GLONASS in Russia, IRNSS (NAVIC) in India, and QZSS in Japan.

Today, their AECSs include eCall in Europe, ERA-GLONASS in Russia, and AIS-144 in India. Other AECS regulations are currently underway in other countries.

In its search for AECS harmonization, the United Nations has adopted an approach and a regulation called UN Regulation No. 144 (UN R144). The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (Authentic and legal binding text: ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/132) is the first UN regulation that deals with vehicle connectivity.

What is the Impact for the Automotive Ecosystem?

Access to specific countries or regional automotive markets will require car manufacturers, Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers and testing certification centers to be compliant with UNR-144.

Basically, it means that your GNSS testing capabilities will have to be updated. And the answer to the question “when?” is … “now.” The UN regulation now aligns the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system used in the Russian Federation with the EU’s eCall, and may be used as an engine to add future GNSS constellations.

Orolia Simulators: Ahead of the Curve

At Orolia, our GNSS simulators are already eCall, AIS 140 and UNR-144 compliant.

With a GSG-5 unit, a simple hardware and software upgrade to a GSG-6 unit will unleash UNR-144 testing capabilities. With a GSG-6 unit, it is even easier: A simple software update performed locally will allow you to do UNR-144 testing and produce a simple but effective automated testing report.

Need a Hand?

More and more, GNSS technologies are embedded into almost all industries, requiring significant expertise to qualify, benchmark and integrate these capabilities into a global testing framework. Delivering the best GNSS user experience to your customers often means hiring highly skilled professionals to support the automotive ecosystem.

We can help you deliver GNSS technical assistance and expertise during automotive design, testing, pre-certification or homologation phases. For more information, contact or Request a Quote now.

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