Why Orolia Asks You About Product End Users and End Uses

You’ve discovered the ideal Orolia product for your requirements, so you place an order. But wait – what’s this “end user form” that Orolia is requesting? Do these products require an export license? What does Orolia really need to know, and why?

Orolia is committed to complying in letter and spirit with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business.1

As a compliant organization, Orolia seeks this information to ensure that we respect the various export regulations that might restrict or control where certain products can be sent to, or what their end use will be. The information you provide allows us to confirm whether we need to obtain an export license to send you the requested products.

Q. The product I want to purchase is not export-controlled and does not usually require an export license. Why do you really need my end user information? 

The regulations mentioned above also include restrictions about providing products to prohibited companies or persons. One of the steps we take to remain compliant with regulations is to screen potential buyers against restricted party lists to ensure that we are permitted to sell a given product – even if the product itself does not require an export license.

Sometimes a buyer must have an export license for products that don’t normally require one. These buyers may still purchase the product, but delivery may be delayed due to the need for the export authorizations. There are also countries under partial or complete sanctions that we need to comply with. These sanctions may be implemented by the United Nations, European Community, United Kingdom, or United States.

Q. Orolia also wants to know the end use of the product I’m buying. Why do you need to know this?

Some end uses prompt the requirement for an export license. This could be a military end use, including certain unmanned air vehicles uses, or certain chemical and biological weapons uses. Depending on the product and intended end use, Orolia may need to obtain an export license.

Most Orolia product sales do not require an export license. When you provide the requested information with your order, we process it promptly. But it’s critical that we perform due diligence to ensure that all parties are compliant with relevant export regulations.

1 Orolia’s Code of Ethics is available on our website.

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