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High Accuracy Timing IP Core (HATI) On-Demand Demo


The HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP) is a FPGA core intended to enable sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy once it is integrated onto a third-party hardware that it is connected to Safran’s WR-Z device by using optical fiber links. The IP core is able to achieve this performance thanks to the use of White Rabbit protocol (based on IEEE-1588, Sync-E and precise clock compensation).

The only requirement is that the network device holds a FPGA directly connected to the port which will receive the synchronization from the network, since the HATI core needs to introduce and recover certain traffic flow which will be used in the synchronization process.

The HATI allows the distribution of the time and frequency with a sub nanosecond accuracy and picosecond level precision through standard fiber optic for distances up to 80 km in point-to-point links. It provides deterministic delivery of timing information (time and frequency) for time-critical applications by using ethernet over fiber optic links.

The HATI solution enables WR capability on end nodes, achieving ultra-accurate synchronization performance in an easy deployment, with optimal resources utilization.

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