Timing System based on White Rabbit and Time Sensitive Network

Orolia and Seven Solutions develop the White Rabbit System Network

One of the crucial elements of any scientific installation, such as a particle accelerator, is the timing system. Timing systems are used to provide accurate timing and stable frequencies to all the elements composing the network as well as generation of discrete events and periodic signals that are shared by the different elements across the installation.

The White Rabbit System Network, developed by Orolia and partner, Seven Solutions, provides resilience, time synchronization and frequency distribution while ensuring events and critical message delivery despite data load by using Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Protocols.

About the White Rabbit Timing System

The graphic below illustrates the joint solution, combining Orolia’s accurate timing and resilient technologies to implement a time-triggered control system paradigm and Seven Solutions’ Ethernet-based White Rabbit (WR) technology for sub-nanosecond timing distribution, picosecond level frequency spread, timestamp, trigger generation, and control of distributed systems.
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This solution includes the use of the Time Sensitive Network (TSN) protocol, enabling fully deterministic packet delivery over loaded Ethernet networks in order to share low latency control and timing packets with best effort data over the same link.

Based on the common time base provided by SecureSync and distributed through WR, with TSN as a deterministic network substrate for latency control, the time-triggered control system will be able to provide reliable timing information across the global network.

White Rabbit System Network components
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White Rabbit System Network benefits

The solution facilitates the propagation of secured events and data through a calibration-less timing system with a user-controlled latency and determinism level on advanced time triggered control systems.

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Emmanuel Sicsik-pare
Emmanuel Sicsik-pare

Emmanuel is the Strategic Product Manager at Orolia. He joined Orolia in 1999 with a strong military electronics background, where he had the chance to tackle a variety of applications ranging such as submarine navigation systems. Emmanuel was also instrumental in developing Orolia's new Kannad Ultima Line, which meets the latest requirements in commercial aviation. He holds a BS in Telecom Engineering from IMT Atlantique in France.