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Timing and Synchronization in Distributed Control Systems (DCS)


Problem We Solve

In Distributed Control Systems (DCS), precise time synchronization is pivotal for ensuring coordinated operations across multiple control systems and locations. The lack of accurate time alignment can lead to operational discrepancies, inefficient process control, data inconsistencies, and potentially hazardous situations in critical infrastructure like power plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities. In such environments, it’s essential that all components of the DCS operate in perfect harmony, synchronized to the exact same time standard.

Why It’s Important

Accurate time synchronization in DCS is not just about keeping the clocks aligned; it’s about maintaining the integrity of the entire control process. Time discrepancies, even in milliseconds, can lead to misinterpretation of data, asynchronous operations, and can complicate fault diagnosis and system troubleshooting. In industries where processes are time-sensitive and decisions are made rapidly based on real-time data, precision in timekeeping is non-negotiable. Furthermore, regulatory compliance often mandates stringent time synchronization standards in many industries.

How We Solve It

Safran’s SecureSync Time Server offers a comprehensive time synchronization solution for DCS environments. It combines GPS/GNSS technology with high-precision internal oscillators to generate a reliable time reference. This reference time is then distributed across all nodes of the DCS, ensuring uniform timekeeping regardless of location or network complexity. SecureSync’s advanced features include the ability to resist GPS/GNSS signal disruptions, maintain accuracy in challenging operational environments, and provide scalable synchronization for systems ranging from small local networks to large, geographically dispersed operations.

Why Choose Us?

Opting for Safran’s SecureSync in DCS environments brings multiple benefits:

Unmatched Accuracy: SecureSync provides highly precise time synchronization, critical for the smooth and efficient operation of DCS.

Robustness: It is designed to perform reliably even in environments where GPS/GNSS signals are compromised, ensuring consistent operations.

Scalability: SecureSync can be easily scaled to fit the needs of any size DCS, from local systems to large, multi-site operations.

Industry Compliance: Our solution helps meet various industry regulations requiring precise timekeeping, thereby aiding in compliance adherence.

Expert Support: Safran offers expert support and customization, ensuring that SecureSync integrates seamlessly with diverse DCS architectures and requirements.

By implementing Safran’s SecureSync, industries relying on DCS gain a significant edge in operational efficiency, data integrity, and regulatory compliance, reinforcing the overall safety and reliability of their control systems.