Synchronizing Time in a System of Systems (SoS) in the Process Control Industry 


In the process control industry, precise time synchronization is essential for ensuring coordinated operations, reliable data acquisition, and efficient control of interconnected systems. The Safran SecureSync time server is a critical solution that addresses the challenges of synchronizing system of systems (SoS) within this industry. By providing robust time synchronization capabilities, the SecureSync enables seamless coordination, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures the integrity of critical processes. Let’s explore the significance of the SecureSync in synchronizing SoS within the process control industry, its technical advantages, and its impact on operational excellence. 

The Complexity of System of Systems in Process Control

The process control industry comprises a multitude of interconnected systems that rely on accurate synchronization to achieve optimal performance. These “system of systems” include various components such as sensors, actuators, controllers, and supervisory systems that work together to automate and monitor industrial processes. In this complex environment, precise synchronization is crucial to ensure seamless coordination, reliable data acquisition, and accurate control. 

Reliable Time Synchronization for Coordination

Accurate time synchronization is fundamental to the coordination of system of systems in the process control industry. Precise and consistent time references facilitate efficient communication, data exchange, and coordinated decision-making across different subsystems. SecureSync offers highly accurate time synchronization, ensuring that all components within the system of systems operate on the same time scale, eliminating discrepancies, and enhancing overall performance. 

Seamless Data Acquisition and Control

Accurate and synchronized timekeeping provided by SecureSync significantly enhances data acquisition and control processes. By ensuring consistent time stamps across various data sources, SecureSync enables efficient data integration and analysis. This synchronized data acquisition allows process control engineers to gain real-time insights, detect anomalies, and implement timely corrective actions, leading to improved operational efficiency and enhanced system performance. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Security

In the process control industry, protecting critical infrastructure and ensuring data security are paramount concerns. Accurate time synchronization plays a crucial role in securing system of systems against cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access. The SecureSync 2400 incorporates advanced security features and secure protocols, providing robust protection and ensuring the integrity of time synchronization in critical process control environments. 

Compliance with Industry Standards

The process control industry operates under stringent regulatory frameworks and industry standards. Compliance with these standards requires accurate and traceable time synchronization. The SecureSync assists organizations in meeting these compliance obligations, providing compliant time synchronization for auditing, reporting, and adherence to industry regulations. 

Scalability and Flexibility for System of Systems

The SecureSync is designed to support the scalability and flexibility requirements of system of systems within the process control industry. Its modular architecture enables seamless integration into existing infrastructure, accommodating a wide range of system configurations and diverse protocols. Whether in small-scale installations or large industrial plants, the SecureSync offers the flexibility to synchronize system of systems effectively, regardless of the complexity or scale of the operation. 


Accurate time synchronization is crucial for achieving operational excellence in the process control industry, ensuring coordinated operations, reliable data acquisition, and the integrity of critical processes. The Safran SecureSync plays a pivotal role in synchronizing system of systems, providing highly accurate time synchronization capabilities. By leveraging the SecureSync, organizations in the process control industry can enhance operational efficiency, ensure data integrity, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. The SecureSync time server is a cornerstone in the pursuit of excellence within the process control industry, enabling seamless coordination, enhancing security, and optimizing performance across interconnected systems.