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Precise Timing in Beam Position Monitoring (BPM)


Problem We Solve: Beam Position Monitoring (BPM) is crucial in particle accelerators and other high-energy physics experiments, where beams of particles like electrons or protons are steered and focused to collide or to hit targets with extreme precision. Precise BPM is vital for the safety, efficiency, and success of these experiments. However, accurate beam positioning demands exceptionally synchronized measurements across various sensors and systems. Traditional timing solutions are insufficient for providing the nanosecond-level precision required, leading to inaccuracies in beam alignment and experiment outcomes.

Why It Is Important: Accurate BPM is essential not only for the integrity of scientific research but also for the safety and longevity of the accelerator equipment. Misaligned beams can cause unwanted collisions and damage, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Moreover, precise beam positioning enables better data quality, leading to more accurate scientific results and discoveries. Therefore, enhancing the precision and reliability of BPM systems directly contributes to the success and advancement of high-energy physics research.

How We Solve It: Safran’s digital beam position monitoring system (BPM) technology provides an accurate measure of the beam position in the XY plane defined by the section of the accelerating cavities. It plays a crucial role in the commissioning and operation of the cavities that compose any particle accelerator. In addition to position, thanks to the BPM system it can be measured the spread and the current of the beam as well as the time of flight (TOF). Safran’s solution is tailored on customer needs. Based either on White Rabbit technology (Ethernet-based network protocol designed for sub-nanosecond accuracy over fiber optic cables) or external frequency reference, this solution provides a cutting-edge answer to the precise timing and synchronization challenges faced in BPM.

This superior level of synchronization ensures that all parts of the BPM system work together seamlessly, providing real-time, highly accurate beam positioning data. Deviations are detected and corrected faster than ever before, maintaining the beam’s alignment and significantly reducing the risk of errors and equipment damage.

Why Choose Us: Choosing Safran’s BPM solution means opting for unparalleled precision and reliability. Safran is a leader in navigation and timing technology, and our products for the field of science are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-energy physics applications. Our specialties include:

  • Ultra-stable low-noise RF electronics
  • Customized or standard crates (Compact PCI-e Serial, uTCA or standalone solutions).
  • Real-time embedded system based on the latest FPGAs and SoCs(Zynq Ultrascale).
  • Individualized Control system Solutions based on EPICS frameworks (EPICS, TANGO).
  • RF distribution.
  • High reliable and real-time diagnosis and post-mortem analysis.
  • Fast data acquisition systems.
  • Adaptive Fast-control systems.

Our solutions not only offer outstanding performance but also come with Safran’s expert support and service, ensuring that your systems operate flawlessly and continue to contribute to groundbreaking scientific research. By partnering with Safran, you will be propelling your high-energy physics experiments to new heights of accuracy and efficiency.

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