PNT: A Cyber Worry for Intelligent Transport Systems

I recently returned from a French Space Agency conference (CNES) that focused on positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) concerns for autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems. I have been attending the conference as part of the company’s ongoing interest in combatting the cybersecurity risks associated with jamming and spoofing.

For the first time at any automotive conference, GNSS vulnerabilities, including jamming and spoofing, were discussed as a cyber risk that would require vulnerability testing and protective systems.

This topic was covered at length by Vedecom, the influential French Institute for Public-Private Partnership Research and Training. They shared the following slide, which I include with permission.


How Can We Improve PNT for ITS?

Vedecom suggested the following solutions for improving PNT:

  • Use more constellations like Galileo with better precision and more satellite availability
  • Use RTK stations to compensate for PNT errors
  • Increase redundancy using V2X and other sensors
  • Add protections against interference and hacking

VEDECOM is Right: The Biggest Stake in ITS is SAFETY

Autonomous cars are expected to become available in France by 2020-2022. This means a technical, secure legal framework and regulation will be required for enforcement.

Over the last few years, jamming and spoofing have been clearly identified as a major GNSS cybersecurity risk. High-end GNSS testing technologies and risk mitigation solutions have been deployed and enhanced for a growing number of Aerospace, Defense and Government (ADG) applications … but only recently has anyone been thinking about them specifically for commercial infrastructure.

As a global solution and service provider of GNSS testing simulation to the automotive and transportation industries for many years, Orolia is well positioned to support the growth of the autonomous vehicle industry, and to provide location-based service (LBS) deployments with enhanced and proven GNSS stress-test and validation capabilities. We can also provide GNSS cyber-risk mitigation solutions in-vehicle and for ITS infrastructure, including their datacenters.

Our partnership with Talen-X also allows us to take PNT services to the next level with enhanced GNSS cybersecurity systems and solutions for the transportation Industry – and for any GNSS sensitive critical infrastructure market.

At Orolia, our core focus is to save lives and protect GNSS-based infrastructure with fail-safe resilient PNT systems, solutions and services. For more information, email or Request a Quote.

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Safran Trusted 4D

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