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New Rugged Compact PCI Time Code Processor


The TSync-cPCI time code processor leverages Spectracom’s leading timing and synchronization engine in a 3U board compliant to PICMG 2.0. It can be conduction cooled per ANSI/VITA 30.1-2002. An optional thermal frame is available. It has been tested for shock and vibration to MIL-STD-810F.

The TSync-cPCI is the most powerful timing board of its kind. The timing board can synchronize its clock to various signals including GPS L1 (civilian), encrypted GPS (SAASM), GLONASS L1, IRIG time code, or a precision pulse-per-second signal. A choice of a high precision on-board clock with 5 nanosecond resolution provides time and frequency accuracy even in the case of loss of the external reference.

The TSync-cPCI board provides precise time to a host computer. It can generate an interrupt at a periodic rate, at a specified time, and/or when a time-tag event occurs. It can also supply a wide variety of time and frequency signals for other devices so the entire system is truly synchronized.

Drivers are available for current versions of popular operating systems. Specialized versions of the board are available.

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