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Fast GNSS Lock For Positioning Data For Harsh Environments


Problem We Solve

Ground and maritime platforms that operate in demanding combat environments require precise system integrity – synchronization of all internal modules – as well as a resilient timing source to protect against jamming and spoofing attacks. Operating in contested areas also may entail having limited to no GPS signal availability. As a result, mobile ground and maritime vehicles need incredibly reliable clocks to reduce the time it would take to reacquire a lock with GNSS signals, when they become available again. While the use of M-code can help to mitigate the threat of GPS signal jamming, there is still the need for an independent, vehicle-mounted time source that can accurately provide timing information during jamming and spoofing attacks.

Why it is Important

According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (dni.gov), hybrid and non-kinetic warfare – such as jamming and spoofing attacks, electronic disruption and radio signal degradation – is projected to increase between 2021 and 2040. This type of warfare will target mobile platforms’ connection to command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR). The more a battlefield platform relies on satellite signals for positioning, navigation and timing, the more the adversary will seek to disrupt, degrade, and disable, the highly connected, information-dependent systems.

Prolonged signal loss, whether used for positioning or communication, could dramatically increase the risk of the mission at hand.

How We Solve it

Orolia provides a scalable solution for ground and maritime platforms that need robust timing sources: the Ruggedized MRO-50 Rubidium Oscillator.


Ruggedized MRO-50 Rubidium Oscillator

The easiest way to guarantee that your ground, maritime or aerial platform stays protected against a jamming or spoofing attack is to incorporate the ruggedized MRO-50. The ruggedized MRO-50 is a rubidium oscillator atomic clock which provides an entire day of holdover with below 1us micro-second at fixed temperature. Its extremely low-SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) form factor make it so that it can easily fit into any on-board module inside a tank or on a battleship. The MRO-50 can withstand intense vibration and temperature environments, earning its ruggedized performance rating. Perhaps the most notable attribute of this tiny yet incredibly accurate atomic clock is that it draws only 0.36W of power, which is ten times less than existing solutions with similar capabilities.

This rubidium oscillator can be embedded within each mobile platform navigation system, as well as within the command and control center station equipment that it is connected to.

Lastly, even if your mobile platform already uses a GNSS receiver paired with an inertial management system, the Ruggedized MRO-50 oscillator can improve the time reacquisition, system integrity and anti-jamming performances.

Why Choose Us

  • Easy Platform Integration – With a small size of 50.8 x 50.8 x 20mm, the Ruggedized MRO-50 Rubidium Oscillator can easily be installed onboard a ground, maritime and aerial platform because it was designed to support fast-moving mobile applications.
  • Resilient – By adding a secure, robust timing source that can be used for internal system synchronization, your mobile platform will be more efficient, consume less power, and be able to quickly reacquire GNSS lock for positioning.
  • Low SWAP – The MRO-50 takes up less than 51 cc of volume (about 1/3 of the volume compared to standard rubidiums) and consumes only 0.36W of power.
  • Rugged – The Ruggedized MRO-50 is qualified according to the MIL standards for vibration and temperature environments.

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